Lamb Sausages - AIP

Prep Time

10 minutes

Cooking Time

15 - 20 minutes


6 sausages


500g (1lb) ground lamb
2 green onions - chopped
4 or 5 leaves of fresh mint - chiffonade
few sprigs of fresh dill - plucked
1 clove garlic - diced


Chop the green onions, chiffonade the mint, pluck the dill, and dice the garlic.

Put the ground lamb and the herbs into a bowl, and mix well by hand.

Form it into patties and place on a broiling pan.  Broil on low for about 20 minutes.

You could form these into sausage links, if you have that attachment on your stand mixer.  I do not, so sausage patties it is!

Serve with veggies, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 


Spring time means LAMB!  I just love lamb, and I can't wait until I get my meat order from the CSA.  We always get a mix of all their meat offerings, lamb, beef, pork, and chicken.  This year we've also ordered some organ meats, so I'm hoping to get some lamb liver and try some lamb pate.  That should be interesting.

I used fresh mint and dill from my own garden, you could use dry herbs, just use less.  Dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh.

I enjoyed this sausage for breakfast, with some steamed brussels sprouts and cauliflower, served with some ghee and a light sprinkling of sea salt.  Omit the ghee if you are still strict AIP and/or have not yet successfully re-introduced dairy.


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