Close Encounters of the Paleo Kind

Originally posted on January 6, 2015

Yesterday I went to beautiful downtown Toronto to meet Sarah Ballantyne, author of The Paleo Approach, The Paleo Approach Cookbook, and the Paleo Approach Dinner Club; with Stacy Toth co-author of Eat Like a Dinosaur, Beyond Bacon, Real Life Paleo, Paleo To Go, and 3 Phase Paleo  (all books are available through their websites, linked).

Both of these two wonderful ladies are beautiful and super smart!  This was Stacy's first trip to Canada, and a return home of sorts for Sarah.  Sarah used to live and work in Toronto, before moving to the US.  She got lots of Canadian hugs to keep her going for a while!

The book signing event was held at the Indigo bookstore on Bay St. at Bloor St. and was well attended by veteran members of the Paleo community, as well as some folks who are entirely new to the concept.  Over 100 people showed up, and initially Indigo wasn't interested in having them there!  I bet they sold a tonne of books, and they're thinking they need a proper spot for future events!

Both Stacy and Sarah happily spent time talking to each and every one who had questions for them, or who just wanted to chat and tell them how wonderful they are.  I already had the book The Paleo Approach, so I had Sarah sign that for me, and then I purchased Eat Like a Dinosaur, it is a very fun cookbook, geared to getting the kids interested in helping out in the kitchen.  I'm hoping it will get my nephew and niece interested in eating like a dinosaur so they can be big and strong  :)  My niece is quite infatuated with dragons, so I'm hoping that when I tell her dinosaurs were the blueprint for dragons, that she'll be more interested.  Hey...whatever works right!?

I want to thank both Sarah and Stacy for making the trip to Toronto, their only Canadian stop on their book signing tour.  I was so happy to see them, to meet them and talk to them, and get hugs and a photo.  I was also very happy to meet so many people from the GTA Paleo community, and I hope to see them all again at other events.  So many of them live close to me, I really should invite them over for a Paleo Approach Dinner Club night.  

I was rather disappointed though to miss out on the $50 gift certificate to the Healthy Butcher by only one digit!  Seriously, the woman in line ahead of me won one of the two.  Good for her, I hope she enjoys it, honestly I do.  But I can still be bummed that it wasn't me.  ;)

Here is the photo of me (middle) with Stacy (left) and Sarah (right).  I'm so chuffed to add these 2 to my list of close encounters with celebrity.

Paleo Moms and me2


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