Confessions of an Autoimmune Collector

Originally posted on December 5, 2014

As you know from my previous posts, I have a few autoimmune diseases. Celiac disease being the most prominent I guess, because it pretty much dictates my diet; the only treatment for celiac is to not ingest gluten.

I also have psoriasis (the first diagnosis of autoimmunity I got when I was just a kid, though I didn't even know it was an autoimmune disease until about 3 years ago!) and Grave's disease, which has been in remission (fingers crossed) since end of 2007-early 2008 (I don't remember exactly when I got the remission dx).

About 3 or 4 years or so ago, I was having a heckuva time with extreme exhaustion, chronic vertigo, scatter brain (one step up [down?] from the usual autoimmune brain fog), systemic inflammation and pain, and just general overall bad health that the doctors could find no reason for at all. I lost my job because of it. Of course given that I already had 3 diagnosed autoimmune diseases I kept telling them it was probably another one. Or maybe even two or more! They ran tests, and they kept telling me results were "inconclusive". One rheumatologist said to "come back when you have more or worse symptoms" and a neurologist told me I probably need a psychiatrist, because he couldn't find anything wrong with me.

[rant]I should petition every medical school on the planet and say whenever you have a patient that you can't figure out WTF is wrong with them and you want to tell them to see a shrink keep looking for autoimmunity! [/rant] forward to about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I had been feeling super fantastic lately, loads of energy, building muscle, sleeping well, clear mind, the works! Healthiest of healthy. Then BAM! Here comes an onslaught of symptoms that have gotten progressively worse. Then after a couple of weeks I had an "aha" moment and thought "oh crap! Sjogren's Syndrome"; and the wind went out of my sails.

I have had SUCH a clean and healthy Primal diet for over 2 years, all of those symptoms I'd had before were gone, just from diet alone! And then at a High Day pot luck feast, I went and ate too many things that I really should not be eating. I had something with beans, I had a piece of gluten free cinnamon raisin bread, and a piece of gluten free cake. Too much refined crap, I know I shouldn't be eating beans, and waaaaaay too much sugar! It was just too much for my system to take all at once. Plus the night before I'd been out for supper and had rice and beans! I've been sick ever since. The entire inside of my mouth has felt like it's been burned, my nose is dry, my eyes are scratchy and sticky, and even my lips are throbbing. My energy is very quickly dwindling day by day. I nearly fell on my face doing some push ups earlier this week. It really is quite frustrating to say the least.

So I went to my doctor, they took some blood and I waited a week for them to call for a followup. My doctor's office is a "don't call us, if you don't hear anything, it's good news"  In the meantime, I had to take this nasty mouth rinse yuckiness to make sure it's not just thrush (the doctor said there's no evidence of thrush, but the rheumatologist won't take a referral unless everything "normal" has been ruled out...ugh...specialists...)  I can assure you it wasn't thrush.  And why why why do they have to put sugar in that crap?  It's disgusting!  bleah...

Coincidentally, I purchased the Autoimmune Summit video package when it was on a few weeks ago, and I *know* how to fix this. And I know I really should not have eaten all of those things all at once. But I'm human, and I'd been feeling so super fantastic lately, and that piece of cake was almost ritually required! (I'll abstain next time for sure!)  I haven't had cinnamon raisin bread in yonks, and it was cold out, and the only hot thing was the stew with the beans in it.  And blammo, the recipe for instant autoimmune disease for those of us hyper prone apparently.

I've learned my limit. I've had my pity party, now I'm going to get better. Again. Because NO, I don't need a shrink. I just need to eat the right foods. So, I started the Paleo Autoimmune protocol this morning (last night I had to eat my Giddy Yo Yo chocolate ;) because it's not allowed on the AIP).  This could be a long, or short journey, I honestly don't know. But I'm certainly motivated to travel all of it.  My mouth hurts!  I'm all over exhausted all the time, and I want to get back to feeling super fantastic.  Because really, who doesn't want to feel super fantastic?  

Honestly, I debated whether to tell you all this or not.  I mean really, why the heck would anyone want to see a Health Coach who can't keep her own autoimmunity under control?  But then my most very wise IIN Circle Coach said "why wouldn't they?  You understand!"  And yes, I do.  I understand from first hand experience, more than your specialist does, more than your primary care doctor does, more than probably even your own mother does, (unless they all have autoimmune diseases as well!).  I've been there done that, quite a few times now, I should make my own t-shirts!  You don't have to struggle through this alone.  I understand the pain, the frustration, the exhaustion, the tears.  I can help You understand, and together we can figure out what it takes to get You feeling human again.  

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be they food" - Hippocrates

If you're motivated to start feeling better, and would like to schedule a free health history consultation, Click "Connect".  I'll talk to you soon.


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