End of the Year Wrap Up

Originally posted on December 27, 2014

Yes, it's been a little while since I have been able to sit and write anything.  I went out for a Solstice celebration on the 14th and a couple of days later found myself sick with the 'flu.  It knocked me on my arse for quite a few days too, and I'm still coughing 2 weeks later!  Whoever it was that went out in public carrying the nasty virus, thanks a lot!  Stay home next time would you please?  

Despite the cough, I did have a lovely Christmas day with my family and a beautiful festive meal!  And except for a small bowl of roasted white potatoes for my sister and brother in law, and some mashed potatoes for my niece, none of which touched any of the other roasted veggies or the turkey, the entire meal was Paleo AIP friendly for me.  I did not need to fall off the wagon at all during the holiday, and I did not feel the least bit deprived....okay well that's a bit of a lie...I forgot to get gelatin, so was unable to make myself a pumpkin custard for dessert, which was a drag, but my own brain fogged fault.  I did have some really nice frozen berries dessert, made with the Magic Bullet Dessert Bullet that I bought my sister's family for a gift.  It's a lot of fun, and so easy to make yummy healthy desserts with real frozen fruit, dairy free, gluten free, and no added sugars.  I think I would like to buy one for myself too, and I'm pretty sure you can put some coconut milk in with the frozen fruits and make it more creamy :)  The kids enjoyed the frozen banana desserts, and they can use the machine on their own, it's so easy!

Now Christmas is over, we're heading to the New Year.  For me it's not really a big deal, the past couple of years it's just any other day, and I'm usually in bed and asleep before midnight.  I don't tend to make resolutions, many years ago I made a resolution to stop making resolutions, and I stuck to that one!  I know a lot of people have resolutions to lose weight, join a gym, get healthy, learn something new, read 100 books during the year (comic books count! ;) ) eat less chocolate, eat more chocolate, or any number of things that each individual can think of to make themselves feel better and improve upon themselves.  

If you're one who is thinking of learning something new, lose weight, and learn what it means to be healthy, and maybe make a career change, give the Institute for Integrative Nutrition a look.  You'll learn 100 different dietary theories, learn how bio-individuality is so important to health, you'll even learn how to get your business started as a health coach.  All in just one year.  There are a lot of health coach programs out there, some of them are one weekend long, or even just a few hours.  None are as comprehensive as IIN, or as well thought of within the healthcare field.  Health Coaches are becoming a very important part of health care, many doctors offices are now employing full time health coaches.  Articles lately have appeared in Men's Health Magazine, MedIll Reports-Midwestern U, and OptimizingHealth.org

There is a real need for health coaches.  Why not give IIN a try?  Check out the Curriculum Guide


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