Enough About Me

Originally posted on November 2, 2014

Now that you know me a bit, let's talk about YOU!  This week we're going to talk about What's In It For You?  Can one conversation change your life?  Why a health coach?  Why so many questions....?

Doctors and Dietitians will tell you "follow the government dietary recommendations".  The major flaw in this advice is that the government recommendations are Not Based In Nutritional Science!  The history of the Canada Food Guide from their website says:

"Canada's first food guide, the Official Food Rules, was introduced to the public in July 1942. This guide acknowledged wartime food rationing, while endeavoring to prevent nutritional deficiencies and to improve the health of Canadians. Since 1942, the food guide has been transformed many times - it has adopted new names, new looks, and new messages, yet has never wavered from its original purpose of guiding food selection and promoting the nutritional health of Canadians."

The USDA MyPlate isn't any different.  Here's a quote from their history page:

"1940s: A Guide to Good Eating (Basic Seven)

Foundation diet for nutrient adequacy"

Nutrient ADEQUACY?  Really?!  The dietary recommendations are there just to make sure people don't starve!  These dietary recommendations may help you survive, (barely) but you will not thrive on these recommendations!  The zombies are not here yet, but to get ready for them we need to Thrive Now!  These dietary recommendations have set us up for a lifetime of feeling crappy, leading up to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity!

Don't get me wrong, doctors and the medical profession are great. I have the utmost respect for anyone who can survive the grueling years of training.  If you break a leg, they can mend it.  If you encounter Giant Hogweed, they can treat the rash. They spend several years in university learning how to treat disease. Sometimes they specialise in one area, like emergency medicine, or ENT, or gastroenterology, or or or...what they don't learn in medical school though, is nutrition and lifestyle disease prevention!  How crazy is that?  

When we go see our family doctor, they have 10 to 15 minutes to spend with us, if we have an actual illness or disease for them to fight, they toss a prescription at us for some pills and move right along to their next patient.  If we have some unidentifiable malady, they tell us to eat better, and sleep more.  But How Do We Do That?  What Does That Mean?

That's where a Health Coach can help you.  That's me!  I will spend 50 minutes with you, twice a month for six months, coaching you to Health and Happiness.  In order to get just as much time with your family physician, you'd have to make an appointment for every day of the work week until the end of next year!  I will support you, to help you find the healthiest, most perfect You that you can be.  I will support the whole you, not just your disease.  With my support, you will explore not just nutrition; what we at IIN call "Secondary Foods"; but also your "Primary Foods", like career, physical activity, spirituality, and relationships.  The Whole You.

Contact me today for a free health consultation.  It could change your life.


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