Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Originally posted on January 23, 2015

I must admit to feeling a little overwhelmed this past week.  I have signed my first Real Client! (Yay! I'm a real Health Coach!) and hosted my first workshop that people paid to come and see! (that's just crazy!)

The prep work for the workshop was pretty harried, there were so many things I wanted to do, tried to do them all, and well...I burned the organic grass fed stew beef that I was to serve at the workshop.  So I had to go to the grocery store and get "conventionally" raised stew beef, because there were no health food stores open that sell organic grass fed on Sunday morning.  Live and learn!  Do not try to do 3 things at once, PLUS have a bath, while you've got beef cooking in the oven.  At least don't forget to put the lid on the roaster, that'll keep some of the moisture in anyway.  

It did turn out ok though, even with the beef mess up.  I was also simmering some bone broth on the stove for the whole weekend, so my house smelled pretty amazing!  I made some soup with it tonight for dinner.  Broth, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower.  Yum.

My workshop was called "Feed Your Spirituality" (brochure download coming soon!) and it's about how eating natural whole foods can get you closer to the gods and kindred.  I think it was well received, and the food I prepared was well enjoyed!  Beef stew, veggies and guac dip, and some kale chips.  mmmmm....I love kale chips!  I went to see the Paddington movie with my Mum and my Paddington Bear (yes, 47 and I still take my toys to the movies with me) and a big bag of kale chips.  I ate the whole bag myself.  :)

Now that I'm not just "studying to be a health coach", I AM a health coach, fitting in all the things is proving to be a bit difficult (understatement...) Full time 9-5 + Part-Time Health Coach + Part-Time School + housework, dog walking and all the other usual life things.  Don't get me wrong, I am thoroughly enjoying the Health Coaching part, and the learning.  Some of the other stuff...not so much.  I will just have to visualise what my life will be like when I'm making 6 figures as a wonderfully successful Health Coach and can afford to hire Molly Maid to come in once a week to clean and vacuum for me.  I used to be a Molly Maid you know.  My first job out of high school.

I do want to update you on how my recovery from Sjogren's is going.  My daily headaches are GONE!  I'm not even taking Migraid anymore.  This was a welcome thing let me tell you.  Nobody likes a headache, and I was getting some real doozies for a few weeks.  I wasn't sad to see them walking off into the sunset.  And, I have noticed on a few occasions that my mouth and throat are sometimes not sore and scratchy.  Which is awesome, because sometimes they feel like they're on fire, so any respite, even for just an hour, is very nice.  Still, too much black pepper on my food, and "regular" toothpaste hurt my mouth.  So, no pepper for me, and I use coconut oil & baking soda to brush my teeth.  I'm really hoping that the lack of headaches and the short intermittent respites of mouth pain means that this disease will be in remission soon, and I can kick it to the curb!  Good riddance!

I would really like some chocolate, I haven't had any since I started the Autoimmune Protocol.  That's almost sacrilege!  No, wait!  It is sacrilege!  I have a Giddy Yo-Yo bar hiding in a drawer since before I started the AIP.  Patience grasshopper...

I am also getting ready to participate in the GoodLife Spin4Kids (<---please give money!) with some of my friends and Grove mates.  I've never done a spin class before, so we'll see how I do.  I'll be going as a guest with a couple of friends to check it out hopefully a couple or few times beforehand.  I know I can peddle a bike for an hour, but apparently spinning is a bit different.  I'm game though, and psyched to do it!  It'll get me ready for the Camino de Santiago, which I really need to start training for soon.  I'm getting ready, I have bought a bug sheet (no Spanish bed bugs coming home with me!), bought 2 short sleeve work out shirts, and 2 long sleeve workout shirts (you know the "technical" type, supposed to wick sweat off you).  I've also been asking around what kind of sport bras are the best.  I think I may end up having to spend more money on that than I want to.  *sigh*  

I really need to start working on putting my newsletter together.  Please remember to fill in the form to the left there ---> if you would like to subscribe.  I hope to have it ready sometime next month.  Which is a short month, so I'd better get on that!


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