What do You Want to do With Your Life?

Originally posted on November 20, 2014

People of a certain age will no doubt remember the old Twisted Sister music video where the guy screams at his kid "are you listening to me?  What do you want to do with your life?!"

Me, I had no real clue until I was 46 years old, and I received a link to IIN in my email box one day.  I'd been looking for a nutrition programme for quite a while, and never found one that "fit".  I'd even gone so far as to go to an open house for another nutrition school, spent the day there, but it kind of felt weird.  The teachers didn't click with me, their philosophy was completely different than my own, and I just didn't know if I could spend all that money on tuition, and put up a shingle and be associated with that particular programme for the rest of my life.  Then came that email.

It was from one of the many many nutrition blogs that I follow, the blogger's friend had just graduated from IIN and he was passing around the good vibes.  I checked it out, and I thought "wow, this might be the place for me!".  Honestly, it didn't take me long to get enrolled, less than a week.  I marched in to my bank and said I need a loan for tuition, never thinking they'd actually give it to me!  Thankfully they did, because I don't know what I would have done had they not.  The program started less than 6 weeks later, and I am IIN!  

This has been such a wonderful experience, I've learned so much.  I've met so many amazing people, Who Think Just Like Me!  That doesn't happen often, where you can find an entire tribe of your people who were out there looking for you too.  

A couple of weeks ago they held a live event for students and alumni, and I was unable to get to NYC to be there in person, but I watched every second of it streaming online in my living room.  The energy from all of these like minded people, the lecturers and speakers who are incredibly smart and funny and sensible and emotional...the entire weekend was just pure joy!  Even when I was a blubbering idiot watching Jennifer Esposito talk about her struggles with celiac disease.  

I would love to share this amazing experience with you.  If you've ever felt like the odd one out because you actually LOVE to eat vegetables, or you enjoy juicing, or meditating in the park, and your family all think you're coo coo bananas.  This may be the place for you too.

I'm 47 years old, and I finally found what I want to do with the my life.  I'm a Health Coach.  :)


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