Yep, I'm Crazy!

Originally posted on February 8, 2015

(I copied some of this post from my Facebook page, sorry if you've heard this story before ;))

Recently I went and got some x-rays of my spine, top to bottom. I've had difficulties with back pain pretty much since my early 20s, after my first emergency surgery that opened up my lower abdomen, zipper style, belly button on down. 2 more similar surgeries, and 20 plus years of sitting working hunched over a computer keyboard, and no one to tell me how to avoid this problem, and now my spine is not in such good health. 

So I took my x-rays to my Chiropractor, told him that my MD said "it's severe disk degeneration and severe osteoarthritis". He looked at it and said "nah, it's not so bad, we can work with this". And I started immediately to be tortured...erm...started working with the Physio Therapist Assistant. Then the chiropractor and I sat and he showed me on the model spine where all my trouble spots are, he gave me an adjustment, and I walked out of there feeling super fantastic! (have I mentioned I love the folks at ActiveLife Rehab?)

My point is, even though my MD said "it's severe...", I went to someone who actually *knows* spines and what they can do and how they can heal. I'm not going to grow back the parts that are degenerated, but I can strengthen the muscles in my hips, back, shoulders and neck to support those areas.

Don't just take one opinion as your death sentence. Disease is reversible. Pretty much any disease. For me, a lifetime of bad diet, ill health, and slumping over a desk wasn't my friend, but now I KNOW I can get better, because every day I AM better. Sure I have had setbacks (Sjogren's) but I haven't let that get me down or defeat me. I will not be defeated until I'm in the pine box, many many more years from now. And even then, who knows?..


There's more snow today, and who knows when it's going to stop!  I took the dog out for a walk first thing, then shoveled the sidewalks, and came in for breakfast.  A friend was coming to fix some light fixtures for me, so I had to be ready for that.  Work out number one for the day!

Today was spin class number 2.  It wasn't as bad as my first one last week, I was actually able to do part of the stand and peddle portions!  Yay me!  I will attribute that to having  been to physical therapy this week, and just my normal crazy tenacity.  Workout number 2. Then, I'm not sure what came over me, but half way through class I looked at my friend and said "hey, wanna stay for core class after?"  EEK!  I did not know that I could do any sit ups, let alone 10 of them twice!  And then I did a one minute plank!  How awesome is that!  With my crazy messed up spine!  Workout number 3!  THEN I came home and shoveled some more snow!  Only the end of the driveway, that was enough for me today.  And 4!  Woo!  Yep, I'm crazy!  


Ok, so one friend today asked me "what do you eat for breakfast?", she's going to be starting the AIP soon and obviously has questions (who wouldn't, it's kind of extreme and a little intimidating at first!).  And another friend was wondering what to do with coconut flour, so here you are ladies, something coconutty for breakfast.  I did not make this up myself, it is from I found it one day when I Googled "paleo porridge".  I have made a couple of different flavours with it though, depending on my mood, and what's in the fridge.  Mostly I put just a tiny bit of maple syrup (1 tsp should do) and a couple shakes of cinnamon in it.  But once or twice I've put in a couple tablespoons of pumpkin purèe with some traditional pumpkin pie spice (though if you're AIP, allspice and nutmeg are off the menu, substitute mace instead, and of course, leave out the egg).  I quite like this stuff, the texture is quite different than oatmeal of course, it's more like what I've imagined grits to be like, but I've never been able to bring myself to eat grits.  Now I don't eat corn at all, so I will never know!

Well, my dog is staring at my steak wondering why I'm not sharing with him.  I shall sit and relax for the evening now.  Tomorrow will be more shoveling! 


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