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Originally posted on May 17, 2015

That thing you do
What do you "geek out" on?  Do you ever hide it from people, because you're afraid they'll think you're weird and won't like you anymore?  But have you ever wondered, maybe they do it too!?

I have a few things that I geek out on.  I used to hide my geekieness, because I was picked on in school for some of the things I was geeky about.  But as I reached adulthood, I figured yanno what?  I don't care if those people don't like to read fantasy books, or listen to the same music, or dye their hair purple, or collect teddy bears, or watch SciFi TV and movies. (each of these things I was picked on and bullied for in school)  These things make ME feel good, entertain ME, and this is who I am.  What other people think of that is really none of my business, and who wants to hang out with bullies anyway?  

In my adulthood I've added a few things to my geek-ness.  Cosplay, comic books, and food and nutrition.  I love to get dressed up in costume, and go out and hang out with like minded folks.  I co-founded the local Durham Region Steampunk Society, I go every year to the Toronto FanExpo since I moved back in 2010, and I try to go to Toronto ComicCon as well every year.  And each day I will have a different costume. As you know, I also geek out on food.  I have stacks and stacks of books, and I've watched hours and hours of documentaries about food!  That's how I found IIN, and joined the ever growing geek-dom of health and nutrition.  There's even a guy out there who started a blog and diet and exercise program for geeks called Nerd Fitness.   Hell yeah I'll advertise for the "competition"!  If it gets people off the couch and away from their WoW game, and outside to learn how to sword fight for real, why the hell not?   I'm forever grateful that I have figured out what I want to be when I grow up (I guess I've grown up now?), and that I have the opportunity to do what I love AND make some money at it!  Why not allow others to do that to?  

I started reading comic books again (I gave them up the summer that Elvis died...not quite sure how that was a catalyst) after I got married.  My ex is a big geek himself, and collects comic books.  He made me read all of his collection of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke.  After Buffy the Vampire Slayer left TV, I started collecting season 9, and Angel After the Fall (had to stop at the end of those "seasons" though due to lack of income after I moved back home).  And I got hooked on The Walking Dead, which I have kept up, I get the TPBs as soon as they're released.  I have a few other collections, and every now and again I find something new, or new to me, and I need to buy another storage box.

Yesterday I made my way over to the local comic book store to pick up my "pulls".  I get The Justice League United series, because I quite like knowing that there are Superheroes in Canada!  While there I asked if they happened to have any Captain Canuck 0s left over from Free Comic Book Day.  I had to miss it because of other engagements that non-geeky people happened to plan on the same day!  (really, who doesn't know that the first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day?)  I was so happy when he brought one out for me!  I did a little dance right there in the shop with a whole bunch of other geeks watching me :D  I may even has squeeed!  See, they get it!  They understand!  

Captain Canuck 0

So I got home with my loot and sat out in the back yard in the shade to read a handful of comic books whilst my lunch cooked on the grill.  Is there any better way to spend a sunny Saturday on a long weekend than doing what makes you happy and makes you feel most like You.  I had already got in my exercise for the day, it was time to relax and be Me. 

That thing You do, that thing that makes You happy.  Why aren't you doing more of it?  Comment below. 


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