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Originally posted on March 29, 2015

Today I went to the Green Living Show with a couple of friends.  I had won a bunch of tickets, so we got in free, which is awesome, and I also won some non-toxic, earth friendly cosmetics, which is pretty cool too.  More on those a little further down.

It is so cold out today, unseasonably cold really, and we're getting quite tired of it.  It had started to warm up, the snow is pretty much all gone, except in the spots where it was piled higher than 6 or 7 feet.  Thankfully, none of that is on my yard!  But when you wake up and it's -10C again, and you have to put all the extra layers back on, it's really quite annoying!  And the dog decided he wanted to go for an extra long walk.  I compromised and we just went for a long walk.  About 5km.  Yeah, that's a short long walk.  The weekend before last we did almost 7km Saturday and Sunday (I thought it was only 5, but I just Google mapped it, and it's apparently a lot longer than I thought!), starting to train for my pilgrimage later this year :)  We also picked up quite a lot of beer cans and liquor containers, which I will take in for refund and get money.  Just doing our good for the environment!

Anyhoo...back to the Green Living Show.  It was crowded, and the rows are too close together so there's not a lot of space to get through and a lot of the vendors are giving free food samples, so there's crowds bunched up together.  Like Costco on a Saturday afternoon, without the shopping carts.  But we did pick up a few pretty neat freebies.  I like freebies.

First, the cosmetics that I won.  They're from a company called Marie Natie.  I got a mascara and eyeliner, that's pretty much all I wear if I'm going somewhere fancy.  I'm surprised the prices seem to be about the same as most other affordable cosmetics.  The mascara is only $16, which is less even than Mary Kay, which, as far as a I know, is not a "green" company.  The eye liner is $15, so overall, fairly priced for an all natural product.  Here are the ingredients of the mascara:  Ingredients -  Aqua,  Chamomile Hydrosol*, Beeswax*,  Carnauba Wax, Mica, Coffee Powder, Rice Powder*,  Sunflower Seed Oil*, Corn Starch, Vitamin E Acetate, Oregano Leaf Extract, Thyme Extract, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Rosemary Flower Extract, Golden Seal Root Extract, Lemon Peel Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract (*organic).  All of it recognisable, and pronounceable!  How's that, eh?

We also discovered...or rather we were accosted by a rep ;) from GOODCoins . It's an app that you can install on your phone to track your "green" activities like walking or running or cycling, and you earn "goodcoin" points.  There are also challenges where you can win extra points.  And you can redeem these points for food, e-gift cards, electronics, sporting gear...a whole bunch of stuff!  I think it's pretty awesome because I walk A LOT! every day, so I should be able to rack up the points fairly quickly and might be able to get myself enough points for a MEC gift card so I can get a pair of trekking poles for my pilgrimage.  Or at least pay a portion of the cost of trekking poles.

OMG, we got some lotion sample from LUSH, and I tried it, but it smells gross, so I have to go wash it off, like now!  I will have to give it to someone who likes smelly lotion.  Do you like smelly hand lotions?  

We tried so many lovely food things.  There was a lady with some birch syrup!  I had no idea birch trees could be tapped for sap to make syrup.  It was amazing stuff, I will definitely have to get me some when I have some money (that's the horrible thing about not having money and going to these sorts of things!).  I also tried some Salus red beet crystals.  I love beets!  The dried crystals are almost like Pop Rocks!  Remember Pop Rocks candy?  But you can make a juice drink, or put it in smoothies.  

There was a guy there who makes pine planters that had one that would be perfect in my yard for planing root vegetables.  Edible Landscaping by Wilson's was his company name.  Kreacher wouldn't be able to dig them up, and it would keep him from running and barking along the fence when another dog walks by.  Perfect idea for small space container gardening!

Ooooo, and then there was GoKin Packs!  This is so cool!  Would be brilliant for my pilgrimage trip!  It's a backpack with a generator on it, that you can use to power your electronic devices.  You hook it your ankles and as you walk, it powers the generator.  Is that awesome or what!?

Ok, and for the nutrition geeks who don't have any food allergies or intolerances, here's a product for you!  WelliBox is a monthly subscription service, just like BarkBox, and NerdBox and other such things, but it has nutritional supplements and healthy food samples.  It's pretty brilliant really, ships for free right across Canada, and is even cheaper than the other box subscriptions mentioned.  I think it's brilliant!  If I didn't have so many intolerances, I might try it out, but they had a sample of this month's box there, and I wouldn't have been able to use half of it.  *sigh*  Would be a perfect gift for the health nut in your family!  Or the person you want to get healthy.

I also got a packet of milkweed seeds from the World Wildlife Federation to plant for the monarch butterflies.  I think I will put them in the local parks, they're more open and available than my backyard is really...I might have to check with the town...

Well, that's it for today, my adventures in downtown Toronto at the Green Living Show.  It was a fun day overall, and thankfully it was all indoors where it was heated! 


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