Grocery Store Tour

Originally posted on July 21, 2015

You may be wondering "why the heck would I need a health coach to show me around my grocery store?  I know my way around!"

A lot of us have grown up in the generation of TV Dinners, packaged convenience foods, and commercials telling us that Lucky Charms are part of a complete breakfast.  So, we go into the grocery store and head directly for the frozen food section, then the boxed cereals and cookie aisles, and we're outta there!  How often do you go into the fresh produce section, the meat section, and that's it?  Is your buggy piled high with boxes and packages, or is it piled high with green leafies, fruits, vegetables, and foods that require actual cooking, not microwaving? 

That's why I offer a Grocery Store Tour to folks who would like to learn how to eat healthfully, without feeling deprived, rushed, or confused about what is an actual "health food".  

Most modern grocery stores are set up much the same way, once you know your way around one, you can find your way around all of them.  Real foods are in the outer perimeter aisles, while packaged, manufactured foods are in the interior aisles.  For the most part, we never really have to go into the interior aisles, except for cleaning supplies, toiletries, and salad oil.

You also want to know how to read labels, you want to know which foods are helping, and which foods are hindering, your health goals right?  Again, that's how I can help at the grocery store.  The fresh salad section is great, but it also has a lot of confusing information on salad dressings, and ingredients in some of them that may be questionable.  I can teach you the good, the bad, and the ugly, all which will help you make educated decisions on what to feed yourself and your family for ultimate health, and great taste!

I can show you how to save your hard earned money, which items are worth the extra dollars, and which items are not.  I can also show you how to save time while at the grocery store, so you're in and out, and not wandering around lost and aimless trying to figure out what's for dinner.

The Grocery Store Tour and the Batch Cooking for Busy Families can be combined for a full morning or afternoon of coaching.  For the truly brave, we can also combine it with the Pantry Pillage workshop for an entire day of cupboard cleanup, shop, and prepare healthy delicious foods.  The Pantry Pillage is not for the faint of heart, this is for the truly determined to get healthy individual or family.  For the folks who *know* their cupboards are full of junk foods, but they need someone to give them that extra nudge, to help them get rid of it and re-stock with healthier choices.  If you're not quite ready for a Pantry Pillage, there is the Deciphering Food Labels workshop, where we will have a look through your cupboards and refrigerator and I will teach you what all those ingredients are in all those jars and packages, and give you gentle suggestions on possible healthier alternatives.  

If you live in the GTA, and you're interested in any of my personalised workshops, or maybe you're not local and have questions about any of my services, please Contact Me anytime!  I'd be honoured to support you :)


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