Sorry it's Been so Long

Originally posted on April 19, 2015

I've been so busy somehow the month of April is starting to get away from me!  Wow, how have we got to April 19th already?  

My last update I told you that my Sjogren's Syndrome was in remission, with no more ANA showing in my blood work, but that there was some indication of kidney issues.  So I went to my GP and had more blood drawn <sarcasm>yay!  I love giving them all my blood every couple of weeks!</sarcasm>  And those test results came back normal, nothing wrong with my kidneys at all.  So either the earlier results were fluke, or I have some roaming kidney function.  We'll see how that goes, but everything seems to be in working order.

So, after I was told that the Sjogren's is in remission, of course like any sane person would (hey, no comment from the Peanut Gallery!) I started to reintroduce foods.  I started with egg yolk, no reaction for 4 days, so tried a full egg.  No reaction for 4 days, so had some nice dark Giddy YoYo chocolate.  No reaction for one full day, and then I had a lunch emergency.  There was no protein in the house somehow that I could take to lunch, so I made my Big Ass Salad, and figured I could go to the Shopper's there near the office and get something to put in it.  Well, for whatever reason their cans of tuna are 3 times the price that I usually pay at the grocery store, so I checked the Clearance shelf, and lo and behold, they had one tin of Flakes of Turkey for 50 cents.  Bad idea.  Within a couple of hours my mouth was feeling the now familiar pain and fire of salivary glands under attack.  

So here's a tip for you.  One, always be prepared!  Two, don't eat canned meats that contain additives, preservatives and ingredients that are kind of arbitrary.  Like "flavour".  Flavour of what?  Derived from what?  We'll never know, but I'm thinking that's what triggered it.  I only had a couple of dollars on me, so the turkey seemed like a good idea at the time, but the money I saved was not worth the pain and return of symptoms that it cost me.

Value and cost are two entirely different things, as we see here with the discount turkey.  Sure, it only cost me a couple of bits, but I've been paying for it ever since, and I've had to return to square one of the AIP to try and re-reverse my disease.  It's rather frustrating I'm sure you'd agree.  I am determined though to not give up, because I *know* the plan works, when you stick to it.  Manufactured foods are not on the plan, regardless of monetary cost.  I should have just stuck with the protein-less Big Ass Salad and left it at that.  I will know for future.  And I will stock up on canned tuna and keep some in my desk drawer for future lunch emergencies.  Canned tuna has 2 ingredients, tuna, and water (or olive oil if you can find it).  If your tuna says anything other than that, don't eat it.  I do have a few cans of sardines in the cupboard now, but I shall be kind to my co-workers and not offend them with the odour of sardines.  ;)

On a happier note, I AM FINISHED THE HEALTH COACH TRAINING PROGRAM!  Well, will be this week after I write the final test.  It's been an awesome year, and I'm almost sad that it's over.  But I'm super excited to be finished the program and will be a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  I signed up right about this time last year, with a tuition incentive that was offered.  They are again offering the same incentive, (actually, it's even better!) if you are interested in taking the Health Coach Training Program, either to become a Health Coach yourself, or just to get you and your family on the road to health, have a look at the free class and/or the Course Curriculum guide for information.  Or send me an email at or give IIN registration office a call (877) 733-1520 from the U.S., or 1-(212) 730-5433 International.  Honestly, you won't regret it.  The enrollment incentive is available this week only from April 20 - 24th, so have a look quick!

Next weekend I'm off to New York City for the IIN Spring Conference and I am so excited to be going!  In November I watched the last one streaming live over the internet, and just in my own living room, so far away I could feel the energy and was so revived and energised!  I think I may explode from it all to be there live!  I'm also planning to go get some new ink, time and funds permitting.  I've been planning to do it, and saving up for it since I started the program pretty much, and figured it would be the perfect time and place to have it done, while I'm in NYC for the conference, celebrating my graduation from the program.  I'll post photos of my trip and my tattoo (if I can get it) when I get back.  I don't have a roaming plan on my phone, so will be limited to free wi-fi wherever I can pick it up, and I'm not sure my blog is editable from my phone!

Keep in touch!  I'd love to hear from you.  Post comments below, or send me an email anytime, or join me on Facebook


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