Such a Whirlwind!

Originally posted on April 27, 2015

The last week or so has been absolutely crazy up and down!  An emotional roller coaster, everything from anxiety to zany!  

It started on Monday.  Our final test was released, I am finished my health coach training program with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition!  I am a Health Coach!  Yay!

Then on Tuesday I lost my job.  Well...I didn't lose it...where does that phrase come from?  I know where it is, they just don't want me in it anymore :p  ;)

By Thursday panic was setting in...holy crap I don't have a job!  What will I do for money?  How will I pay my rent, how will I eat, will I qualify for EI, and yadda yadda yadda....but I went to the mall to get some US cash at the currency exchange, and found some fabulous new IIN red clothes for my weekend in New York City, and I felt better.  Nothing like a good session of retail therapy eh?  And then of course the panic creeps back in...should I have just spent all that money, bought those new clothes and 2 new pairs of shoes?  Should I really go on this trip to New York...blah blah blah...

Hells yes I went to New York!  No way was I going to miss that for anything!  That was my graduation more or less, and I looked fantastic in my new red outfits!  (I don't normally wear red).  I *needed* that trip to lift me up, bring up my spirits, re-energise me and bring me back to my "why".  Why did I take this course?  What do I want to do with my life?  And boy, the conference did not disappoint At. All.  That was my Primary Food prescription for myself.  Go and have fun, make some new friends, see some old friends, have lunch in Central Park (can scratch that off my bucket list now!) and be energised and transformed by my IIN family. 

I took this course because I had been trying to figure out for my whole life what I wanted to be when I grow up.  And I guess at the ripe old age of 47 I could consider myself "grown up".  When I first figured out that I have celiac disease, and likely had had it my entire life, I was MAD!  I was angry that for all the doctors I had seen though my life had never thought to look for celiac disease.  Then I was determined to learn everything I could about nutrition and about how food affects the human body.  After I moved back to Canada I started looking for college nutrition programs, but none of them felt right. They all stick to the government guidelines, that I know in my own gut (yes, pun intended!) to be wrong!  I just couldn't find the right fit, then I found IIN, and CLICK!  

Now I'm an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  With possibilities for So Much More!  I have 29 credits that I can use toward a Bachelors or Masters program.  When I complete the IIN Immersion program, I'll have an additional 11 credits.  Imagine...I can get a degree!  Something I was told when I was a kid I would never have, that I wasn't smart enough, I wasn't good enough, I would never amount to anything.  I had never thought that I could do it, after so many years and so many people telling me that shit, I believed them.  Well not any more!  When Dr. Greg Braxton-Brown started telling us about all the partnerships IIN has with colleges and universities, and how many credits are eligible for their BA and MA programs, my brain just immediately went "holy shit, I can get a university degree!" and it felt Do ABLE!  

The main thing that I learned this weekend is "Less Think, More Do".  There were so many fantastic things about the weekend, the people, the new friendships I made, new connections, new things I learned, but mainly my take away is "Less Think, More Do".  

I believe everyone has the right to be happy and healthy, and that everyone has the right to know HOW to do that.  IIN has created the program to help us help you!  Give me a shout, whether you want to know how you can get IIN, or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a free health consultation, I'm here.  There's a super fantastic offer on this week with a discount on tuition for the next program starting in a couple of weeks.  IIN has transformed my life for the better, and this weekend I met about 2000 other people who have also been transformed.  Just click the "Contact Me" above, or email me at 

I haven't uploaded my photos yet, but I will post a gallery of sorts when I have time to fart around with it.  I will leave you with a couple that were taken at the conference, one is me up on stage when the international students were given opportunity to introduce ourselves, and another is me with a bunch of new friends. 

on stage in New York City

new friends


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