Upgrade to You, 2.0

Originally posted on June 23, 2015

Are you still using You 1.5, or even worse, You 1.0?  Just like any technology, You 1.5 and especially You 1.0 can start to slow down with age, if you don't keep up with regular maintenance and fill up with proper fuel.  If you're still using You 1.0, you probably should have upgraded to 2.0 a few years ago.  Let me tell you why.

When we're first out of the box, we're You 1.0.  We function just fine mostly, with the occasional hiccup that can be expected from new technology.  The more years we have out of the box, the more we need to consider more frequent maintenance (exercise) and proper fueling practices (diet).  When we're first out of the box, our fuel sources probably consisted more of sugary packaged meals, with cute cartoon characters on the box, or sport superheroes who would really never be caught dead eating those things!  Depending on our technological generation, our maintenance consisted of either hours and hours of outdoor play, (for those of us of older tech), or hours and hours of indoor "play" with other forms of technology.  Or something in between.  

This is me, when I was still running You 1.0

Me April 2007
But if we have not updated ourselves to You 2.0, if we're still trying to get through our day with outdated maintenance plans and fuel sources, our system becomes slow, sluggish, and tired.  We can run a virus scan, but that's not usually going to help, because it's not a virus.  But there could be worms!  

Just because You 1.0 is from an earlier technological generation, doesn't mean it is not compatible with You 2.0.  You're never too outdated to upgrade!  It doesn't matter how long your system has been running slow, or how frustrating it is to wait to boot yourself up in the morning!  You 2.0 can fix the problem, with just a few simple system clean up scans, tweaks, defrags, security checks, and on-going maintenance for ensured long life of your tech.

What sort of maintenance plan are you currently using?  Are you getting out for daily walks?  Cycling?  Lifting heavy things?  Or is the furthest you walk from the car to the couch, to the car, to the office chair?  

What fuel source are you using?  Are you eating high quality proteins and greens for breakfast, or just a quick "energy" bar on the run?  

What if I told you that upgrading to You 2.0 could extend your life, have You running faster, thinking faster, streaming faster, downloading faster, and having to use fewer security patches (medications), and just overall improving your performance?  People will think you are a brand new You 2.0, right out of the box!  You don't have to tell them what generation you are ;)

This is me after the upgrade

Me 2.0

What if I told you that all you have to do to upgrade to You 2.0 is change the way you think about food, and pretty much everything else just falls into place?  

What if I told you that probably most of what you call "food" actually is not a whole lot different than putting sugar into a car's fuel tank.  It doesn't run very well at all after that does it?  

I am a certified Upgrade Install Professional, and I can support you through the whole upgrade process.  For some makes and models, the upgrade may take longer than others, but I'll stick with you the whole time.  I can assist with your upgrade with phone support, in person, or a combination of both, where available!  The choice is yours.  Just click "Contact Me" to schedule your 50 minute free upgrade consultation, and we'll figure out which upgrade plan works best for you!  

Valid on all makes and models, of any generation. 


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