Getting on with living...

Well, remember I said I got a new job, and my commute will be an hour and a half each way?  Well, it's more like 2 hours each way.  4 hours daily of commuting to and from the city.  I get a lot of reading done.  I've read quite a lot of H.P. Lovecraft.  I have the "complete works" on my Kobo.  I'm about half way through.  He had a lot of "works"!  I've also read Dr. Terry Wahls "Wahls Protocol", which is her diet how she got her MS into remission.  It's actually quite a lot less restrictive than the Paleo Approach Autoimmune Protocol that I followed last year to get my AIDs into remission.  I've also read "Fifteen Dogs" and "Inside of a Dog".  Watched a few episodes of "Vampire Diaries" (thank goodness for unlimited data plans!) and listened to a few pod-casts.  Sitting on buses for 4 hours a day can be rather boring.

But my job is pretty fantastic.  I am working at JDRF Canada in the National office, doing data entry.  Similar to what I was doing at my last job, though honestly, I don't think this one will suck the soul out of me.  Which is good, I felt like I was turning into Lord Voldemort because my soul was in so many pieces!  The research that is being done via JDRF is pretty amazing and fascinating, and will not only help people with T1D and even T2D, but potentially anyone with any autoimmune disease anywhere!  They're looking into what actually causes the immune system to go haywire and start attacking itself.  If they can find that trigger, then they could potentially figure out how to prevent it going off, eliminating autoimmunity!  How fracken cool is that?!  It may not happen in my lifetime, but for future generations, I am hopeful.

I have a lot more responsibility at this job than I had at the last one, and my boss and co-workers have a lot of faith in me and my abilities and are so very supportive...I love it there.  Of course there are frustrations, there is with every job, and is to be expected.  Overall though, I love it, and feel like it's somewhere I can stay for quite some time.  The people are great, and not only do they understand autoimmunity and respect that I have celiac disease but quite a lot of them there also live with AIDs themselves, primarily T1D, or they have family who do, which is why they're there.  There are also other "geeks" there who I can talk to about comic books, and zombies, and superheroes, and fan conventions, and Doctor Who, and and and...oh, and there's an actual lunch room that we can sit in to eat our lunch.  Quite a novelty ;)

We (me and Mum...I've been told I'm stuck with her :p ) do plan to move closer to work somewhere.  I'd like to whittle my commute time down to 30 minutes maximum each way.  I really would like to have more time and money as my own, rather than just throwing it away on public transit.  Monthly transit fees are almost $300.  If I can get closer and only need to use one transit system, I can get down to $141.50 per month.  Or if I can get close enough to walk...!  I plan to get a Zip car membership though, for when we do our apocalypse shopping at Costco, or for day trips to the outer reaches of the 'burbs.

My week days are exhausting, up at 5am, on the bus by 6:30-ish, at work by 8:30.  Leave work at 4:30, home between 6:30 and 6:45 (traffic in the evenings is more congested than mornings), walk the dog, sit down to dinner by 7:15-ish.  Dinner is re-heated something or other that I made on Sunday.

My weekends are busy catching up on things I can't get done during the week, like housecleaning, grocery shopping and cooking.  And I've had something "social" to do each weekend since starting my new job, which is also quite the novelty.  Everything from a Steampunk Victorian Tea, to Toronto Comic Con, and even some mundane things like family celebrations Kristin & Greg's engagement party, and Aunt Gene's 99th birthday. Yes, my Aunt is 99 years old!  I had the most fabulously sinful gluten free chocolate cake at her party, it's so very rare to be able to eat dessert at a restaurant!  I was in know how I like chocolate :)  This weekend is family lunch on Saturday, but today I am going to be somewhat lazy.  All the stores are closed for the holiday (Good Friday), the weather is crap (we had an ice storm over night, then the temperature went up this morning, so the ice is all falling off the trees and power lines, making walking without a helmet on yer 'ead kind of dangerous!)  And I spend my Sundays cooking.  I fill the oven with foods of various kinds and the crock pot, so that we have breakfast lunch and dinner for almost the entire week.  I also bought myself an Instant Pot, which will also be helpful.  I made some really killer ribs the other night...mmm...mmm...yumm!

So, yeah, life is getting better.  I'm making plans to maybe do some travelling this summer, either to Newfoundland for the Celiac Canada conference, and/or to British Columbia to go hiking in the wilds with my friend Don.  My new employer is very generous with vacation time, so if I can manage to budget well, I may be able to actually have some semblance of a "life".  Imagine that!  I still struggle with the tendonitis that was triggered in the freezer job, but massage and physio are helping (thank goodness for group health benefits).  I haven't figured out how to have energy for my usual TT exercise though.  I tried a couple of times after I got home from work, but I'm so tired and hungry when I get home, there's just not enough time or energy for pushups or squats.  I do what I call my "bus stop workout" when I am waiting for the bus in the morning, but some days I don't wait for it, it's right there so...some days I don't get a seat on the way home on the bus, so I may stand for almost an hour.  Days like that I listen to music and do a little dancing, and work on my core while I try to balance and not fall over on fellow commuters.  My skinny jeans are skinnier than I am now though, so I need to do something to get back into them, or I'll have to buy a new wardrobe again.  I'm not prepared to do that :p

Time is a commodity that I don't have a lot of, and I've just spent a good time typing this out, so I think I shall end here, and maybe go have a nice relaxing soak in the tub.  A luxury now, but like I said, it's a holiday...crap weather...not much else to do ;)


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