You are what you eat, but what's eating you?

Yes, I'm back at it!  And I had an idea for a blog post, so here I am.

We've (well...I've!) talked a lot about eating whole natural foods, as opposed to fake franenfoods that come in shiny crinkly colourful packages.  By switching to whole natural foods, I was able to turn around a lot of the physical damage done to my body from years of undiagnosed chronic autoimmune diseases, celiac, Grave's, psoriasis and Sjogren's.  Sure, they each flare up (except Grave's, as far as I know, it is still in remission...knock wood! I really don't want that one back!) and cause me some grief now and again, and it's always my own dang fault for overdoing something. But, for the most part, they're all managed quite handily by diet alone, without the need for prescription medications with long lists of terrifying side effects. Seriously, who the hell wants to get tuberculosis from a psoriasis treatment?  Not me!  I'll just have some bone broth please!

Despite a clean and wholesome diet though, sometimes we just can't get past the stuff that's eating us.  Like stress at work, maybe a whole bunch of people have been laid off and every day you're wondering "am I next?".  Or family stuff.  Arguments with the spouse, or too many extra-curriculars with the kids, or taking care of an ailing parent, or a leaky roof.  Or the commute to and from work is so long that you don't get enough sleep, and end up eating take-out far more often than you really want to.

How do you deal with this stuff?  Do you even notice it's there, but still wonder why you don't have the energy to work out, or why you can't get rid of that flab around your middle, or why you reach for the glass of wine after dinner, instead of a cup of herbal tea or glass of lemon water.  Not that a glass of wine now and again is a bad thing! ;)

Or how about all the thoughts in your head that you're not even sure of their origins.  Like "why do I even bother doing XXX for YYY, they don't even care that I'm here, never mind notice that I'm working my ass off..." or "I am such a freakin' loser, I can't even do this simple task right!"

I call that my lizard brain.  And it tends to be a fearful, angry lizard.  I'm trying to change its mind though, and turn it into a happy and brave lizard.  We've had some long discussions, and we'll keep having them until it smartens up some!

I was out yesterday during lunch at Value Village and happened to wander into the book section.  I really don't need any more books...or rather, don't really have a lot of space for more books, but honestly, we all NEED MORE BOOKS! ;)   I saw a few books from some familiar names, and picked up "Excuses Begone!" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  He is a visiting teacher with IIN, and I appreciated his lectures so I bought it and started reading it while walking down the street back to work.  This book, so far anyway, should help me with those conversations with the lizard brain.  It was a freak chance of serendipity that I found it really, I'd never heard of it, and I had already written down the title of this blog post a few days ago, but they go together. Crazy random happenstance. Gotta love it. 

In this book Dr. Dwyer talks about re-programming ourselves, not just our DNA, which we already know from paleo nutrition studies is absolutely possible, but re-programming our thought processes...our lizard brain...that we are habitually inclined to think due to how we were raised, where we were raised, and how we were *taught* to think.  

How many times have you ever used an excuse like "I can't build muscle, because everyone in my family is fat, so I will always be fat"?  Or "I can't change how I do things, I'm old and set in my ways"? Or "that's the way I've always done it"?  Or, my all time favourite (NOT!) "it is what it is".  Seriously, those last two, I fuckin' hate them! I could do to never hear anyone say them ever again.

What if you could learn to un-learn all those thoughts and all those habits and turn your lizard brain into a happy chirping bird brain...oh...wait a sec...maybe not a bird brain ;)  But you know what I mean!  Ok, how about a happy playful romping puppy brain?  Where you feel like the world is new and beautiful and full of adventure and wonderful things to smell and investigate all the time?  Better?  

Studies have actually been done that prove you can un-learn all of these harmful beliefs.  We are born with them, they are ingrained, we learn more and more as we grow, but they are NOT unchangeable.  Just like we can turn off the genetic switch that makes us prone to disease, we can turn off the lizard brain, and turn on the happy romping puppy brain.  I quite like that visual really...reminds me of Kreacher


Here are some suggested affirmations from the book, 
-  I can change my body's infirmities by shifting my beliefs.  This one I personally know to be true.  I never ever thought I would be a physically healthy or strong person.  Remember my before and after post?  

I have the power to undo old thoughts about my genetic destiny.  This one catches me still now and again.  I am genetically pre-disposed, but that does NOT mean I am genetically doomed!

If I stay with them and live from my heart, my beliefs can inspire new talents if I so desire. Again, yes, yes, and so much yes!  

I can heal anything by healing my beliefs first. I'm working on healing the lizard brain.  It is, and always will be, an ongoing thing.  Anything worth having, is worth fighting for.  I want the happy romping puppy brain.

I intend to keep my beliefs uppermost, and I refuse to blame anything in the material world for any deficiencies in my life.  Which means of course, quit blaming your parents for how crappy your life is now. Quit blaming your boss for your crappy day at work. Quit blaming the police officer for giving you the parking ticket.  See what I mean?  

You are what you eat. But what's eating you? You are what you believe. You are what you think you are. How do you plan to change it?  


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