Gettin' Fit(ter)

So I've been working out in the condo's "club room". It's a pretty pathetic exercise room with a positively ancient stationary bicycle, one fairly decent treadmill, and one other old lookin' treadmill. I've never used a treadmill and don't plan to. Kreacher would be upset with me for going for a walk without him I think! ;) But I've been using the bike to get my legs and lungs in shape for doing a(nother) spin fundraiser this Friday.  This one however is only 10 minutes on the bike, whereas the last one 3 one hour sessions! I got this! 10 minutes is easy by comparison, no matter how much out of shape I got over the winter! (which is taking longer to get back to it than I think it should, but there ya go...we all want miracles don't we?)

I'm trying to challenge myself on the bike (I really don't enjoy it much at all, so it's more like torture than challenge!). On Monday after I did 25 minutes of body weight exercises, I hopped on the bike, picked some heavy metal workout music on Google Play and just went with that for 20 minutes. I did a sprint for almost the whole of Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. Which is 3 minutes and 2 seconds. Not bad for a sprint on a completely ancient stationary bike. It doesn't even have straps on the pedals, so sometimes my feet fly off. It's dangerous! 

Now just because I am torturing challenging myself on the bike, it's not something I would suggest or recommend to someone else to do. I'm doing it temporarily to train so that I can participate in the fundraiser, and not faint from exertion and embarrass myself or my team mates. Remember, the best exercise to do is the one that you will do. And the one that you will enjoy doing! Otherwise you won't do it. After Friday, I probably won't get on a stationary bike again until the next dang spin fundraiser I sign up for. It's not something I enjoy, but boy can I feel that it's actually helping to get rid of some of the flab and build some butt and leg muscles. I would just prefer to do exercises that are a little less torturous challenging, and a little more fun. 

My workout tonight was 15 minutes on the bike, followed by 10 (ish) minutes of body weight exercises; eccentric push ups, bird dogs, squats, band pulls, and criss cross seal jumps. Then 10 minutes or so of cool down stretches that my physical therapist has given me to do. My new physical therapist is quite a lot different than the team I went to before I moved. Not nearly as hell bent on torturing me, which I'm not quite sure is a good thing! Different policies, different theories...but therapy is still helpful regardless.  I need help recovering from the injuries when I worked in the frozen food store carrying and lifting heavy boxes up ladders in a freezer. Tomorrow I start with the new chiropractor as well, and next week with the massage and accupuncture. Hopefully I can un-trap my shoulders. My range of movement is severely minimised lately. The chiropractor says by about 30% on each side! It's all the desk sitting and data entry I do at work. I just sit sit sit...sitting is the new smoking.

All this is to say of course that no matter how badly out of shape you get, it's always possible to get back up on the bike and start over again. No matter how flabby, no matter how much muscle you've lost, no matter how many ice cream binges, or late nights out drinking with your friends you've had, you can still get back into the gym, or back to your workout space in your home and do it again. Start at the beginning. Start where you're at. And if you need help, ask for it. Whether from a friend, or a personal trainer, or a physical therapist, a health coach, or yoga instructor...just get up and do it. Because you can. 


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