Life Changers

One of the tag lines for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where I got my health coach certification, is "can one conversation change your life?"

I say yes, absolutely, one conversation can change your life. One conversation can also change many lives, all at one fell swoop. I recently had a conversation with a neighbour who works for the Toronto School Board in the autism program. I told him about the autism program that my nephew is in in Durham Region, which compared to Toronto, is absolutely abysmal and bordering on Draconian in my opinion. Unknown to me, he went home that evening and started making some calls. Apparently Durham had been using an unapproved curriculum in their public high schools, (how?...who knows!) and now they are required to get in line with the rest of the province. My nephew's class will now be integrated, (after the district goes through the requisite training and curriculum overhaul I am guessing, and whatever else government will require them to do, so it won't happen next week). The program sounds amazing, and quite a lot of Toronto ASD students not only complete high school, but go on to college and university. The same cannot be said for Durham students, who are currently segregated and only receive half a credit for each of their classes, which means they'd have to remain in high school until age 21, just to have enough credits to apply for college.

So conversation can change a life. Or several.

The thought behind the IIN tagline is that one conversation with a certified IIN health coach can change your life. The initial (with most health coaches it is free) health history, even if you don't sign up for a coaching program, can get you thinking about your health goals, and could be the push you need to do what you need to do. With or without the assistance of a coach. It *can* change your life.

I've had many life changing conversations. Both for my benefit, and of benefit to others.

I've also got a long list of books that have changed my life, and I'd like to share them with you, because I like changing lives, and I love these books.

I'm going to start with the geekery, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series. How did these change my life? Well, my mother first read The Hobbit to me when I was a kid, and I read it on my own I guess when I was about 8. She also read The Lord of the Rings series to us after The Hobbit (that is after all how the story goes!), and I first read the series on my own when I was about 14. I read it once a year every year for about 20 years after! Until the movies came out and then we're into the life changing movies. But seriously Reba, how'd it change your life? helped me to enjoy reading, and when the movies were announced in 1999, I joined an internet discussion forum, then called I met so many people, and the man who I would marry, and then divorce, and I would move to the US for a few years. Life changing!

Even though my marriage didn't last, I still have many friends from that website, some of whom I see on a semi-regular basis, and I love very very much. I can't imagine my life without them. A lot of the others I keep up with on Facebook. And we're thinking of planning a 20th anniversary meet up for 2019!

Next up, while I was hangin' out at above mentioned discussion forum, someone posted a review of "Guns Germs and Steel" so I headed to the book store and picked up a copy. Which I still have. The history fascinated me, and how different cultures around the world developed at varying or similar rates and why. I know it changed a lot of minds when it was first released, and I see it make the "recommended" list at book stores fairly often still, 19 years later ( I really that old?) I need to give this one another read. I think I've read it twice so far.

Of course I've told you already of how Chris Hadfield's book and how meeting Chris Hadfield himself changed my life. I need to read that one again too. So many little time!

Into the diet books now, and The Atkins New Diet Revolution seriously changed my life! I've posted about that here as well. If I hadn't tried the Atkins diet, I don't know that I would have ever got my celiac diagnosis, or made it to where I am today, or even lived this long. They've since updated the diet to "The New Atkins for a New You", which I have also read.

Which leads us to Mark Sisson's books (that he has either authored or published) The 21 Day Primal Challenge, The Primal Blueprint, Primal Connection (seriously, that one most of all!) and Death By Food Pyramid. I have a couple of the other ones as well, they're in the stack of "to be read". Which is getting to be a pretty big stack of all sorts of books.

The autoimmune diet book The Paleo Approach. By following this elimination diet, I was able to get my autoimmune diseases into remission. My blood tests showed absolutely No ANA after only 4 months. Unfortunately, I got glutened not long after and they all (except Graves) flared back up, so it's tenuous and tricky, but with strict avoidance of gluten and other trigger foods that I figured out by following this diet, I have remained healthy. Sometimes though, some of those trigger foods sneak into places I don't expect them, or I get too relaxed and don't read labels...always read labels! I also met the author, Sarah Ballantyne, which I also posted about. The story of her life changing journey to health, and how she developed the AIP diet is inspiring.

One last book...Celtic Myth and Magick by Edain McCoy led me to converting to Wicca, which then led me not long afterward to make my way to Celtic Reconstruction, and Druidry. I went to the book store to look for some celtic artwork inspiration for a tattoo, I walked out with that book, and a smack upside the head from a goddess. ;) Those who know Bridget know what I'm talking about.

There have been many more things that have changed my life. Conversations, books, movies, meditations, pets, people. Some for good, some not so much. But every lesson learned is never time wasted.

Can one conversation change your life? Click "Connect" on the menu above, and let's find out!


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