Counting down to 2017...

Can you believe that it’s going to be 2017 in just a little over a month? Holy cats, where has the time gone!

I have some programs that I’m working on for 2017, I’ve posted some teasers on Facebook about my upcoming 5 day post holiday detox (that’s not a detox!).

Everybody tends to over endulge a little bit in the month of December, t’is the season right!? Whether you celebrate any of the myriad holidays in the next month or so, there’s always junk food in the kitchen at work, drinks with friends, parties, and it’s very difficult to resist all the junk food on sale at the grocery store these days! This month also tends to send quite a lot of us to the liquor store, so that we can take a bit of the edge off the holiday music playing in all the malls, and all the family gatherings. ;)

Then January rolls around, and we can’t fit into our clothes very comfortably anymore. And we’re fighting our third head cold of the season. How does this happen!? ACK!

No worries friends, I’ve got your back! Do you want more energy for 2017? Do you want to be able to sit in your skinny jeans again? Or maybe get rid of some of the aches and pains of winter? Do you want to detox all of the December endulgences? Then sign up for my 5 day post holiday detox that’s not a detox. (I’m still working on a name for it!)

Why do I say “not a detox”? Well, I don’t want you to get confused with all the other detoxes and cleanses that are out there that have you starving yourself on lemonade and hot sauce for 2 weeks. Or the juice cleanse, or the smoothie cleanse, again, starving yourself with liquids only for 2 weeks is not healthy! For one thing, your digestive system really needs to have solids in it for it to work best, and no, your system does not need to “rest”. Keep it working and it doesn’t forget how! Or, keep feeding it only liquids and pretty soon, that’s all you’ll be able to ingest!

The thing is, our bodies were designed to detox themselves. (and there I go saying my own program is worthless because we don’t need it ;) ) Our liver cleanses our body of toxins All The Time. That’s what it’s there for. That’s its job, it’s the filter. We ingest foods, we digest foods, and then they work their way through our stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, and our colon, then our toilet. Unless you’re eating mass quantities of poison, you don’t need a detox!

However! (fancy but) as mentioned with the over endulgence, we may have taken in a few extra servings of things we maybe shouldn’t have, and now we’re hurtin’. We need to detox our diet! And what better time to get a handle on it than right at the start of a brand new year!?

The (beta) post holiday detox that’s not a detox will include recipes, menu suggestions, shopping guide, 2 group coaching calls, email support, and a private Facebook group where members can post and get support from each other, and from me. All for a very low (beta test group) price. I’ve seen detoxes priced at over $200US! Some “herbal” detoxes and cleanses that you buy at health food stores are crazy expensive! And they don’t come with a coach! But the do come with a package insert with a lot of warnings of possible side effects. Which include liver and kidney damage. The very organs they are supposedly “cleansing”. Ugh…

The food we eat should be “cleansing”. It should be nourishing. It should be energizing. Without a crash! If you feel like you need to “cleanse”, then you probably should; your cupboards and fridge. Are you bloated and gassy? Are your bowel movements excessively stinky? Do you need 5 cups of coffee from breakfast to lunch time, just to keep going? Then another 3 or 4 from lunch to going home time to stay awake all afternoon?

What if I told you that in just 5 short days, you can start to reverse all of that? 5 days. That’s not so much. It’ll give you a peek into what your life could be like with a detoxed diet. No grains, no refined sugar, no dairy, no manufactured foods. Just whole, natural foods that Mother Nature made. You won’t even notice the lack of things we’re eliminating, because there will be SO MANY foods that you’ll be adding! That’s the trick! This isn’t a starvation “diet”. You won’t be deprived. You won’t be hungry. You will feel satisfied, and energized. You will sleep better. You will think better. You will have more energy.  And you may even lose a pound or 2. (it is after all, only 5 days!) I guarantee it. If you are genuinely not happy with your results after the 5 days, I will refund your money. Every cent of it. No questions asked.

So, what do you say? Are you interested? Email me if you have questions If you’re curious and want more information, my next newsletter will be going out in early December, sign up for a subscription so you’ll be sure to see it. Click the “Contact” link on the top menu and scroll down to “subscribe to my mailing list”. What have you got to lose. It’s 5 days, and a few bucks. And maybe a bit of holiday excess.


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