This. Is. HUGE!

Seriously, This. Is. HUGE! This week in Canada over 200 doctors from various specialties sent an open letter to Health Canada, the Federal Health Minister, and each of the Provincial Health Ministers encouraging them to revise the current dietary guidelines of the Canada Food Guide  

You already know my views on the Canada Food Guide. It is not based on nutrition science, and overall is *not* a health diet. It is a subsistence diet, and that’s all. These are general recommendations given so that you will survive. Not thrive. Not live a long and healthy life. Just survive. Like we’re still in the dust bowl of the dirty 30s, or war time food rationing. Remember those pictures in history class? Remember the “L’il Rascals”? Remember your grandparents’ food ration stories?

Since the government dietary recommendations have been released in various countries around the world, chronic diet related diseases have skyrocketed. Diabetes, obesity, cardio vascular disease; the diseases that we all thought these dietary recommendations were supposed to help us PREVENT, have actually made us MORE LIKELY to fall victim to.

We have become a world of overfed and undernourished populations, fighting completely bass ackwards nutrition information for the past 50 or 60 years. It is well past time for us, and our health care practitioners to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and go back to our ancestral diet roots. Get rid of the overly processed food like substances. Dump the frankenfoods. Nix the highly inflammatory not-really-vegetable-oils. Refuse the manufactured refuse that poses as “health food”.

I must say that after reading the letter that I feel vindicated in my stance to stick with my whole foods natural diet. And now with real live doctors backing me up, more and more of them every day, perhaps more and more of the Canadian public will take their health into their own hands, and see that we’ve been fed nothing more than empty lies about what constitutes a “healthy diet”.

I also know that it takes time and effort for people to change the way they do things. We’ve been told for at least 3 generations now that Corn Flakes are a source of a healthy breakfast.  Nutritional science has come a long way since Dr. Kellogg decided to feed his sanitarium patients this cereal to help them stop masturbating. We also know that there’s nothing wrong with masturbating! ;)

Old habits die hard. We’ve been eating TV dinners and restricting calories and torturing ourselves with chronic cardio for our entire lives, and yet we still don’t get the results we’re looking for. We’re hungry, cranky, always tired and worn out, and we don’t have the abs we thought we would from all those crunches. BECAUSE WE’VE BEEN DOING IT ALL WRONG!

In 2008 when I discovered by doing the Atkins Diet Induction Phase, that I have celiac disease, it started me on an enlightening path to better health, more energy, better sleep, better brain function, and yes, EVEN ABS! I am 49 years old, I have abs, I can do pull-ups, I’m in better health than I ever was even as a kid, and I will probably live longer now than many of my contemporaries. Even though I eat red meat, LOTS of bacon, LOTS of chocolate, lots of fat, and everything the current Canada Food Guide says I should not eat, or only “in moderation”.  I never do sit ups, no crunches, I don’t jog or use a treadmill, nor do I spend hours and hours every week in a gym or with a personal trainer who yells at me like a drill sergeant. Nope. I eat *real food*, and do body weight exercises in my own home. And all that money I save by not joining a gym, and by not getting sick all the time and having to take medications, I can spend on life experiences like concerts, and plays, and taking my nephew and niece out on a cold winter day to give care packages to homeless people.  

How do you want to spend your final years?  Taking a handful of medications 3 times a day, unable to even walk around the block without gasping? Unable to get up from the toilet, or even in and out of your shower without the assistance of a grab bar? Do you want to be at risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and other “old age” diseases, or would you rather live long, drop dead, as Mark Sisson says?

It is YOUR CHOICE. Not your doctor’s. Not your pharmacist’s. Not your genes. YOURS and yours alone. You can make the choice now to take your health into your own hands, or you can hide your head in the sand and keep doing what you’re doing. But remember, to continue to do things the exact same way over and over again, and expect different results, is the very definition of insanity. If what you’re doing now isn’t working, then why keep doing it? Why continue to follow the advice that has been proven wrong by science?

Join my Post Holidays 5-Day Diet Detox, and start your New Year to a healthier you. This isn’t a fad. This is real food, for real life, based on scientific fact. And backed up by over 200 Canadian doctors and health care practitioners who *will* change the way Canadians eat. Be a trail blazer with me.  It’s only $47, and 5 days. What have you got to lose? Better yet, what will you GAIN?

Please share the link to my 5-Day Diet Detox. Buy a membership for a friend or family member. Because you love them, and you want them to be healthy and stick around for a while. Buy one for yourself. Because you don’t want to spend your last 10 years in a care home.  Because you *can* do it, and I’ve got the tools to help you.

For those of you celebrating holidays this month, have some great times, enjoy the time off work if you get it (I get 4 whole days out of the office!), and enjoy whatever it is that you choose to do. If you’re not celebrating anything this month, enjoy yourself anyway! Get out and do something. And don’t forget to sign up for my 5-Day Diet Detox :)


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