This. Is. Even. HUGER!

Yes, HUGER is a word! It means really really HUGE!

Remember this post from a couple weeks ago? This. Is. HUGE! It is about how a bunch of Canadian health care practitioners are petitioning Health Canada and the Health Ministers (federal and provincial) to modify the Canada Food Guide to reflect a healthy diet to include Real Food.

I've just listened to this presentation by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation and they have done a complete 180 on their suggestions regarding saturated fats and just what is a healthy diet. They are also asking that Health Canada modify the Canada Food Guide to say that Real Food is the best way to go, and that manufactured/processed foods should be removed from the food guide and all dietary recommendations!

OMG! I want to dance for joy! Isn't this amazing? The presentation goes into detail of how we got to where we are, the faulty science, why it was generally accepted, and why the recommendations are WRONG.

Are you confused? Are you wondering why all of these changes are coming NOW? Are you wondering what this means for you, and just what the heck should you be eating anyway?

Sign up today  for my Post Holiday 5-Day Diet Detox to get started in the New Year to a healthier you, with Real Food, according to the new and up and coming doctor approved and Health & Stroke Foundation approved dietary recommendations.  The Canada Food Guide is so out of date, and not even based on verifiable science!

Contact me today to make an appointment for a free one hour consult, to find out how my coaching services can help you. 

I am looking forward to 2017, how about you? 


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