Re-organize your life

My first ever 5-day diet detox is underway! We’re on day 3 Hump Day, and going strong. Participants are trying out my recipes and enjoying the food. They’re posting and participating on their private group Facebook page, they’re trying new foods, and giving up their old staples that just were not doing them any good. They’re motivated and revving up for a healthier 2017 and beyond!

Don’t worry if you missed this one, I’ll be hosting another 5-day diet detox in the spring. With the experience of getting the first group completed I’ll work out the kinks over the next couple of months, come up with some new seasonal recipes, and get you all ready for the summer. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also working on a few webinar ideas, and looking for a hosting site that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. Starting out a brand new business is exciting, but it can get expensive signing up for all these new fangled things.

I’ll also be doing some live face to face workshops (for you young folks, that’s a webinar where we’re all in the same room together ;) )  

We’re 3 weeks in to 2017, and it’s looking fine so far! I’m feeling great, I’ve given up the 12 hour days and 7 days a week thing, even though I’ve still got stacks and stacks of work to do. I just can’t keep up that pace for another month, I need a break! Just the regular ol’ days a week 8 to 4 for me. Give or take 30 minutes here or there.

I’ve made some changes to my personal routine already this year and I’d like to share. They’re not “resolutions” they’re just ways that I can maximise my day and waste less time….OMG speaking of wasted time, this afternoon whilst on the bus coming home I watched a video from my fave Caveman George Bryant, and in it he said if you hit the snooze button every morning and lie in for just 5 minutes, after a year, you’ve wasted 3 DAYS of your life. 3 DAYS just by hitting snooze! I choose not to snooze! I get up now every morning at 5:30, make my tea and sit down to check my messages and my diet detox group page, and my Facebook page for any updates that may have happened while I was asleep. Then I make my breakfast, make my lunch, walk the dog, then head to work. I’m thinking I may even get up at 5am to maximize even more time because I’m feeling so productive in the mornings. I go to bed every night between 9 and 10, and I read for at least 10 minutes.  I haven’t read very much since I’ve moved to the city closer to work. When I was commuting 4 hours each day on the bus, I had oodles of time to read, and could devour a couple books each week. Now that I am only 15 minutes to work, I seem to have less time to read. But I have more time for working out, for building my business, for putting together my marketing plan, and for non business things like learning to knit, and joining a creativity challenge and doing something creative every day! (to be honest, I’m a few projects behind, but planning my detox program took up a lot of evenings).

I’ve also made plans to do more sociable things, like go out to see friends, if even just for half an hour. Or go have a meal with complete strangers, (paleo pot luck!), and this Saturday I’m going to the Women’s March in Toronto. This is a cause I can stand for, and I stand in solidarity with my American family and friends whose lives could soon be turned upside down after the new administration is sworn in. The times they are a changin'…my parents are hippies…I come by it naturally.

I have a stack of books to read this year. Most of them are learnin’ books, I just finished “The Great Cardio Myth” by Craig Ballantyne, and I’m almost finished “Good Fat, Bad Fat” by Romy Dollé. I often have more than one book on the go. I carry my e-book with me on the bus, and read “real” books at home so I’m not carrying too much weight, and I can fit more lunch in my tote bag ;) Next on my list will be Craig’s “Perfect Day Formula” and something fun by my friend Tim Rayborn “Beethoven’s Skull” Can’t be serious all the time! I’m also making my way through the “Captain Canuck Compendium” of all the original series comics from 1975 to ‘81.

I've been "going live" on my Facebook page a few times as well, with good response from viewers. Go check me out

I am also organizing my condo. After having moved from a 4 bedroom house in the ‘burbs to a 2 bedroom condo in the city, we’ve had to purge A LOT! And I continue to find all kinds of things that I can’t even fathom why I ever thought I needed it, so out it goes! I’ve donated a lot of things, some things that really hurt to give up, like my stuffed teddy bear collection, and other things I just don’t need anymore, or don’t fit in the condo and I can live without it. Like a bed frame. Pfffttt…who needs a bedframe, right!? Moving back to Toronto is the best move I’ve made in a very long time. I feel more at home here, more “right” in my own skin, and like I can take on anything!

Did I mention I learned how to knit? I’m making an infinity scarf, which I hope to have completed before this winter is over.

Overall, I’m feeling quite good about life and things. I’m optimistic for my future, and for my today. It’s getting better all the time. How’s your 2017 shaping up so far? Have you re-organized your life? Or have you hit the snooze button?


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