Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month...and stuff...

March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month in the US, so each day I have been posting information about different autoimmune diseases on my Facebook page. Did you know there are over 100 autoimmune diseases? Far more than I can fit into a month, but I’ll get as many done as I possibly can!

I’ve also announced the date for my next 5-Day Diet Detox. The week of April 24th through 28th, mark your calendars! If you’d like to join us, Early Bird pricing is good until March 31st, save $20 and secure your spot for only $77! The price goes up to $97 on April 1st.

In the 5-Day Diet Detox you will receive all new recipes, developed by ME! I’m even as I write this experimenting in my kitchen with a couple of new recipes. I’ve been making things and tweaking things, and eating things for days, just to make sure there’s enough to go around for a 5-Day Detox! (the things I do for you people! LOL)  You’ll also get shopping list, meal plans, nutrition tips, 2 live group coaching calls, one before we start, and one on the last day, and a private members’ only Facebook group for questions, video inspirations from me, and to post food pics to share with the other members! Plus, e-mail support from me if/when you need it during the 5 days.

My first 5-Day Diet Detox was a great success, the participants have continued with their new found healthy eating habits and are feeling great! I’ve heard back from them, and they’re amazed at what some good food can do for a body. I knew it of course, but sometimes you have to just check it out for yourself to believe it. It’s just 5 days, and you have to eat anyway, right? Join before March 31st for just $77!

Ok, enough salesy crap! What’s up with you these days? I know I’ve been a bit lax in the blogging department the last couple of weeks. My day job is still sloggin’ along, and in the evenings I’ve been busy with clients, researching for clients, listening to webinars, or writing articles for magazines (fingers crossed something gets accepted and published!) or cooking. Or applying to join the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Or out celebrating my Aunt’s 100th birthday, or all of the above!

This past Wednesday was my Aunt’s 100th birthday and a bunch of us went to celebrate at her favourite restaurant, Amore Trattoria. home  They have amazing food, and always take such good care of her when she’s there, and me! When I tell them that I have celiac, they take extra extra care in the kitchen when preparing my food. The server puts a big “gluten allergy” notice on the order pad, and the chef cleans up everything, and prepares my food separate from everything else. They’re awesome! I’ve been there a few times and have never been glutened! I trust them to be careful with my food. AND they have the most decadent flourless chocolate cake on the planet! (I haven’t tried every flourless chocolate cake on the planet, but I’m pretty damn sure this is the best. Its got gold on it!) As you know I’ve been pretty strictly AIP for a few months now, but this was a super special occasion, and I wanted cake! So, I had cake! I’m now 3 days past it and had no reactions, no inflammation, no belly-ache, no intestinal woes, nuthin’, so, I’m good with Amore’s chocolate cake. Thank the all gods!  LOL! *snarf* I don’t know what all the ingredients are, I just know it’s “gluten and flour free”, but it’s full of ooey gooey chocolatey goodness, and you really should try it if you’re ever in Toronto looking for chocolate cake that’s safe for someone with celiac to eat.

The rest of my meal was entirely AIP. I had a lovely rainbow trout filet, skin on, and some steamed veggies. I had a glass of water with my meal, but the restaurant owner brought out glasses of champagne for everyone with the birthday cake, so I had a glass. It’s not every day your Aunt turns 100 years old!

See, here’s the thing. I know a lot of you think that I never “cheat” on my diet. That I am so strict, that I am soooo disciplined, that I never endulge in things like chocolate cake or champagne. Well, I do. When I know that I am well enough to do so, when I know it’s not filled with anything that will make me feel like shit, and when I want to. But I NEVER EVER EVER knowingly eat anything with gluten in it. NOT EVER. This would not be cheating, this would just be utter stupidity. Deliberately eating something that I KNOW would make me sick for the next 5 weeks? Um…no.  If you have celiac disease, (or any autoimmune disease really) eating something with gluten in it is not “a treat”. It’s madness. Just don’t do it! There are perfectly respectable and delectable options that are free from gluten!  

I also on occasion eat far too many dates in one sitting. Yes, it is possible to eat too many dates. Trust me on this! BTDT far too many times to count! I really need to stop buying them…Dates are a perfectly healthy option in small quantities. But not 2 pounds of them at a time…just…not…

I eat and live the way I do because I spent so many years just feeling like shit all the time. Once I discovered that I have celiac disease, and that I can feel a bazillion times better by eating whole, real foods, well, why wouldn’t I? It’s just food! I really don’t miss pizza. Kreacher does though. He just accosted a pizza delivery guy in the lobby ???? I don’t miss bread, or pasta, or anything like that at all. I don’t miss the bloating, or the constipation, or the migraines, or the fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue, or the anxiety, or the vertigo, or or or…

I have redefined myself from somebody who was always in pain, whose doctors could never figure out what was wrong; to someone who has loads of energy, can run up and down stairs, take the dog for a walk in the freezing cold, do a pretty intense Turbulence Training workout, and still have energy to go wash dishes and cook dinner, all after a full day of work! Before I could barely rustle up enough energy to peel the film back on a microwave dinner and eat it. I truly feel that it would be a crime for me to not share this information with you. To keep this all to myself and not help people realize their potential for good health would be the ultimate in selfishness. It would keep me awake at night!

I love being a health coach; I love it when my clients get that “aha” moment, and realize that all the food and nutrition myths they’ve been fed all their lives are just all so wrong! That their doctors really don’t know much, if anything, about nutrition and how food affects their disease. That’s why I became a health coach. Because health coaches are needed, and a necessary part of TRUE health care. Prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say. And if all it takes to prevent, or reverse, disease is to eat yummy real foods, then hells yeah, I’m in! Are you? (my tummy is rumbling because the smells of baking in my kitchen as I’m writing this…I’m hungry and I’m salivating!)

I’m scheduling evening calls for health consults, if you would like to talk about how you can reach your health goals, click the Contact link and we’ll set up an appointment to chat. Let’s see if my programs could help you reach those goals. You never know what you can do until you do it!



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