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I’m going to get caught up on posting my newest recipes to my website, hopefully I will have them all done this week. A while ago I had to downgrade my website to a version without the recipe app, so had nowhere to post them to. I’ve upgraded now, and will be able to get them all up soon. One day, I hope to also publish them all in a nice big cook book! Which means I need a lot more recipes methinks! And I’ll need a food photographer!

Yesterday I went with a couple of friends to plant trees in a city park as part of a re-greening project and for Earth Month. We planted some black raspberries, flowering raspberries, some sort of rose bush that I don’t recall the name of as well as some other small shrubbery, that will all become habitat for small animals in the park. It was a bit of a chilly day, contrary to the weather forecast (is that guy *ever* right?) but I just love getting dirty and doing good things for the planet.

We were supposed to be a group of 8, but only 3 of us turned up. I think the weather kept the rest at home. I made a batch of my new recipe sweet potato chocolate chip cookies, and took them along for post-tree-planting snack. I made a couple of them completely AIP for my friend who cannot eat chocolate . The cookies were well received, with seconds asked for. Always a good sign ???? These cookies are great for pretty much everybody, they’re paleo, can be made vegan, and/or AIP, and cookie monsters love them too!

I almost want to call them “walrus sweet potato cookies” because the first time I made the recipe while I was developing it, I had this sweet potato that looked very much like a walrus. Now whenever I want to make them, I feel like I have to look for a walrus shaped sweet potato. The recipe is easy to prepare, with only 8 ingredients that you should be able to find in any regular grocery store. Walrus shape is optional, though rather fun sorting through the potato bin!

walrus sweet potato

We’ve had another successful 5-Day Diet Detox completion this past week! Participants said they feel great, and even lost some weight! The “diet” was easy to stick with, and the recipes I provided were easy to prepare and delicious! One participant said my shepherd’s pie recipe is the best she’s ever eaten! High praise indeed! I’m feeling quite proud, I must say!

I’ve decided to offer the 5-Day Diet Detox as a one-on-one introductory programme, as well as a group programme when I have enough participants. The introductory programme is perfect for folks who may be a little intimidated by doing a full 12 session program. The one-on-one 5 day program will include 3-30 minute coaching calls, shopping guide, recipes for the full week, meal plans, as well as access to the private Facebook member’s group and email support between calls; all for only $157! The group programme will remain at $97 per person if there are 6 or more people to enroll, so grab a bunch of friends and you can all do it together! E-mail me to sign-up!

I also have a FREE “Foods That Fight Inflammation” webinar coming up on Sunday, May 14th at 2pm EDT. Register here to make sure you are sent the link.

I also wanted to let you know about this amazing omega oil I’ve been taking! It’s helped me feel better so much already, in less than 2 weeks! It’s called Auum Omegas, and it’s seal oil, rather than fish oil.

My mother had been taking it for a couple of months already, for neuropathy that she suffered from chemotherapy treatments when she had cancer a few years ago. Auum omegas are being used in clinical trials currently to treat diabetic neuropathy, so when a new friend who just happens to be a distributor told me about this, I bought 6 bottles for mum! She had such great success with it, that I decided to start taking it myself, and to get some for Kreacher too! In just a few days, I’ve already noticed that my muscles are not as stiff as they were, and that it is so much easier to stretch and do some of the more tricky yoga poses that I’d been struggling with lately. I think I mentioned before that I was concerned that I may have developed polymyositis, on top of all my other autoimmune diseases! The muscle stiffness was/is in the typical polymyositis pattern, and was worsening, despite my anti-inflammatory diet, and regular gentle stretching and exercise. Auum Omegas is brilliant! My Aunt & Uncle also decided to start taking it, when they heard how well it is working for my mum. Kreacher wants to join a sled team and move to Nunavut ????

Now in the spirit of full disclosure, I will say that the first dose I took caused a splitting headache the likes of which I haven’t experienced for several years! Not since going paleo. I had been to a presentation hosted by my friend as well as the product developer/owner of the company who is a bio-chemist. I learned that the sublingual method of taking the oils makes it reach the brain in about 90 seconds from the time it hits your tongue. My experience was about 1 minute! I felt it get to my brain, and then my brain felt like it was crackling and every single blood vessel dilated. It was crazy! That evening I spoke with my friend that I had purchased it from, and she said it is not a common reaction, but it does happen. I think because of all the damage caused by undiagnosed Grave’s disease and celiac disease that my brain likely has a lot of neuropathy, which I have suspected for quite some time. It is not uncommon at all among celiac disease sufferers (geez…I dislike that word, but it is appropriate!) I went so many years undiagnosed with both of those horrible diseases, I did suffer quite a lot of damage. Some of which is not likely to be repaired, but I do feel that some nerve damage is getting better now! My fingers and toes are tingling less, and are not as sore and throbbing as they were prior to taking the seal oil. And I was taking 4800 mg of salmon oil before! I’m just going to throw the rest of it in the compost!

Here's seal oil works, where fish oil does not; WE’RE NOT FISH! We’re mammals. Seal are mammals. We can metabolize mammalian oil so much better than we can metabolize fish oil. We can get omega 3s from 3 sources, plants, fish, or seal. Taking omega 3 oils from plants like flax, walnut or sacha inchi is not as bio-available as it is from fish, your body has to work overtime to convert ALA (plant omega 3) to EPA and DHA, (the essential fatty oils that your body needs) and it is not very efficient. You only get maybe about 5%. Your body also has to convert fish omegas into usable form, so again, most of it is waste, and excreted without being any benefit to your body. Mammalian omega 3s from seal oil however don’t need to be converted, because we are also mammals! The omegas go straight to where they’re needed, with little to no waste. Which is optimal to your health AND your wallet! Imagine, I’ve been taking 4800 mg of fish oil every day for months and months and months, and most of it I just pissed it out, with no benefit to me at all! What a waste of money! I never did notice any health benefit from taking the fish oil, I just figured I was doing something good for myself, because all the information says “take fish oil” so that’s what I was doing! Now I know better, and I FEEL BETTER TOO! For the same price as what you would pay for some “high quality” fish oil, you can take some infinitely more biologically appropriate seal oil, and actually FEEL THE DIFFERENCE, in just a few days! Honestly, I’m gobsmacked, even at a reduced dose, I am feeling the benefits of it. So much so, I’ve decided to become a distributor. I figured with the whole family taking it, I might as well save some money, and maybe sell a bottle here and there occasionally. It really is amazing stuff!

I understand some people may be worried about baby seals being clubbed; don’t be! Think of it this way. How much blubber do you figure is on a baby seal? Ummm…not much, if any. Hunting of baby seals would be just ridiculous, and not the least bit profitable for anyone, nor would it be smart. If you hunt all the babies, where do we get future generations? Auum Omegas does *not* club little baby seals, nor even adult seals. They hunt fully mature adults, humanely, and sustainably. Every bit of the seal is used, the blubber is rendered to the Auum Omega products, and the rest of the seal is sold/given to local Inuit for food and clothing. Nothing goes to waste, and the seal population is not in danger of becoming extinct. Far from it in fact! There are more than enough seals to go around. The products are regulated by Health Canada as a Natural Health Product, and there are clinical trials on-going treating diabetic and chemotherapy caused neuropathy, as well as field studies on autism spectrum disorder, and extreme athlete performance.

If you are just the slightest bit curious about Auum Omegas, send me an email to and I will answer as many questions as I can, and get you some additional information. I’m very impressed with this product, and I am excited to be able to offer it to my coaching clients to enhance their healing, along side a healthy diet and lifestyle modifications. Since I gradated from IIN, I have been approached by *a lot* of companies who wanted me to sell or promote their products. I politely turned them all down because all of them were either garbage, contained ingredients that I felt were not beneficial to the healing of my clients (or me for that matter!), or they just could not back up their miracle healing claims. Auum did not approach me. I found them, tried the product for myself, and well…here we are! I’m sure you will be impressed by the products too!


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June 2, 2018 8:46 am
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