The voices in our head

Do you hear voices? No, I’m not suggesting you are schizophrenic. We all have voices in our head. I’d hazard a guess that most of us have voices that are telling us things that are not always helpful. Sometimes, maybe even harmful. And no, I’m not suggesting that you have voices in your head telling you to head to the nearest clock tower. But if you do, please head to the nearest hospital instead, and talk to somebody about what the voices are saying.

No, I’m talking about the voices that tell us we’re too tired to go to the gym tonight. Or the one that says “hey, you haven’t watched the last season of Vampire Diaries yet, you’d better get on that!” And the one that says “why do you even bother to eat that salad? You’re fat, you’ll always be fat, you might as well just have cake, c’mon, you know you want to!”

Yes, I have this voice too. I call it my “apocalyptic lizard brain”. It’s been quiet for a while, but I can hear it snoring, so it’s still in there. I call it that because it always goes directly to the apocalypse, no matter what. Is somebody late for a meetup? They must’ve died in a horrible car crash on the way here! Haven’t heard from somebody in a while, and they said they would call/text/email? Well, they really hate you you know. Why the hell do you expect them to call/text/email? This is where my apocalyptic lizard brain goes. I will do well when the zombies finally do get here, I’ve had lots of prep time!

Let me tell you something. Those voices can say whatever the hell they want. But you DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN! You don’t. You can tell them to STFU. You can stuff your fingers in your ears and sing “na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye”. You can also change the voices. Voices that say helpful things. Kind things. Loving things. Encouraging things.


I’ve learned a couple of tricks this year. One of them is telling the apocalyptic lizard brain voice to STFU. I learned that from my circle group coach. Another trick I learned is accountability. Who do you have to be accountable to? Did you make a commitment for a specific goal you want to hit, and did you tell someone about it? Well, that person is your accountability voice. Mine is Craig Ballantyne. And he’s a pretty tough accountability coach! At least in my head he is ???? I bought his book “The Perfect Day Formula”  I even read it too! I also joined the Habit Change Accountability group on Facebook where Craig posts encouraging videos and stuff to keep us motivated and we encourage each other to stick to our plan to reach our goals. Each month people post a goal for themselves, a couple of mine have been to wake up each morning at 5am, regardless of what day it is, (I’ve only broken this 2ce in the 5 months since I started this, and only because I was out super late the night before, and less than 5 hours sleep just ain’t gonna do it for me!) and to do some yoga stretches every night before bed, regardless of how late it is.

Whenever I have a tough day at work, I’m tired, I’m sitting on the bus, and one of those voices pops up “you don’t need to work out tonight, you’re tired, you had a stressful day. Just flop on the couch to watch whatever’s on Hulu”. Then I hear Craig’s voice “That’s not gonna burn the fat off and get you some sexy abs Reba!” Seriously, he lives in my head now.

Some mornings, I’ll feel like ignoring the alarm, but I just can’t do it. I get dual voices in my head when I’m struggling to sit up. Craig Ballantyne, and George Bryant, the Civilized Caveman are both in there, Craig sayin’ “Sleeping in isn’t how you own the day!” and George sayin’ “you know you can lose 3 whole days every year, just by hitting snooze for 5 minutes each day!” And I’m up and at ‘em! I can’t argue with 3 lost days! What a waste that is! And I used to do that Every. Fucking. Day.

Just this afternoon on my way home from work I had a battle of wills going on in my head. My Mum had texted me to say that back bacon is on sale, can I stop on my way home to get some. I really didn’t want to, I’m tired, still feeling groggy from this head cold. I feel like being lazy. But then…bacon…so I got off the bus and went into the store to get back bacon. Lucky thing too, because when I got in there I remembered that I needed salad greens, I was all out. When I was finished my shopping, I got back up to the street and thought, do I want to wait on the bus, or walk home? It’s only 10 minutes…but this bag is heavy, and I’m tired, and and and and…I actually sat down on the railing while I ate a pear for a couple of minutes warring within myself, then finally said “nope, walk home, don’t be lazy!” So I walked. Heavy shopping bag and all. I ended up getting bacon, salad greens, liquid coconut oil, (I’m going to try it on my hair, I’m tired of crunchy curls!), a couple of pears, one I ate, and gave another to a guy who stopped me on the street to say he hadn’t eaten all day can I spare something. And a bag of avocados. Because, avocados!

Got home, put my bags down, took Kreacher out for 20 minutes or so, then came in, got changed, did a 10 minute bodyweight abs superset circuit (Home Workout Revolution!). That’s all I had time for, no, I’m not being lazy. Because I had to plant my garden, we bought the plants on Sunday and they’ve been out on the balcony since then, because I was sick and didn’t have the energy until now, but I didn’t want them to die. So after my workout I planted my balcony garden. And then I washed up, dished up dinner and ate that and now here I am. Getting the voices in my head out of there and into this blog post.

We all have voices in our head. We don’t have to listen to the ones who are hurtful or the little devil ones wearing red who tell us to eat that entire tub of ice-cream. We can choose to listen to the voices who are being helpful. Who are encouraging. Who want to help you reach your goals. I’d like to think that my clients sometimes hear my voice in their head saying “how does this help you reach your health goals?” and even sometimes “yanno, it’s ok to take some “me” time occasionally. Go have a nice long hot bubble bath”.

Choose who to listen to.  Who can be that accountability voice? Who’s voice can be a mentor, who can take the place of that little devil apocalyptic lizard? If you need a voice, send me a note to and we can set up an appointment for a free one hour health consult. Let’s talk about your voices.


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