AIP and the Canada Food Guide

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the re-jig of the Canada Food Guide that is coming up for next year. From what I’ve read, I still think it sucks! At first glance, it seems like it would be ok, that is, until you start to learn more about nutrition, and the science of what food actually does to your body when you eat it. Then we run into some problems with their suggestions!

They recommend:

·         The regular intake of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and protein-rich foods,     especially plant-based sources of protein

·         Eating foods that include mostly unsaturated fat instead of saturated fat

·         Eating more plant-based foods

·         Limiting the intake of processed and prepared foods

·         Avoiding processed beverages that are high in sugar (soft drinks, fruit drinks, etc.)

·         Sharing meals with family and friends

·         Planning and preparing healthy meals and snacks

See, most of that is better than good, it’s amazing, and about frackin’ time! Like suggesting we limit our intake of processed and prepared foods. And suggesting we avoid high sugar drinks! See that? AVOID! Not “limit” or “reduce intake”. Straight up AVOID! I like that! I also like the suggestion to share meals with family and friends. It’s actually scientifically proven to be healthier for you than to eat alone, or on the go. And planning healthy meals and snacks is what I always suggest we all do. But then there’s the problems. I’ve bolded them.

Let’s start with whole grains. What’s the problem with whole grains Reebs? You may be asking. Well, even if you do not have celiac disease, grains are nutrient deficient, they really don’t have any more fiber (there is less fiber in most manufactured grain products you’re going to buy anywhere than there is in vegetables), all grains are inflammatory, and contain antinutrients. What da fuh is an antinutrient? Here is the official definition: “Antinutrients are natural or synthetic compounds that interfere with the absorption of nutrients. Nutrition studies focus on those antinutrients commonly found in food sources and beverages.” So, when you eat foods that contain antinutrients, like grains, legumes, pseudograins (like quinoa), and nightshade fruits and vegetables, they are difficult to digest, can feed gut dysbiosis, can damage the cells that form the gut barrier, can cause “leaky gut”, are good at getting across the gut barrier intact, stimulate the immune system.

If you have an autoimmune disease already, you already have a leaky gut, and your immune system is already overstimulated. So do you really want to be making it all worse by eating these foods, in the quantities that the Canada Food Guide suggests that we should? Remember, they’re suggesting we now replace most of our meat intake with plant sources of protein. Where do we find protein in plants? In legumes! Those same legumes that are causing leaky gut, disrupting our digestive system, and punching through our gut barrier straight into our body, AND stimulating our immune system.

Um…I dunno about you, but No Thanks!

For some idiotic reason, they’re still going on the old hypothesis that saturated fat from animal protein is “bad” for us, when the science NEVER did support that! There is so much good in animal protein, that eating meat is what made us evolve to being human! To suggest we stop eating meat, and all become herbivores is akin to telling us we might as well just stop being human.

Ok, maybe that’s gone a bit far…but still…

Animal protein is one of the most nutrient dense foods we can eat. Meat from humanely raised livestock fed biologically appropriate foods, and allowed to be outside where they can graze and get some Vitamin D, is how animals are supposed to be animals. So that we can eat them and be human. It’s when we combine the nutritionally deficient CAFO raised meats, with the high volumes of nutritionally deficient grain based foods that they suggest we should be eating is where we have gotten ourselves into this predicament of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune disease running rampant through our populations in the last couple or 3 generations. So now they’re trying to “fix” it, but suggesting we eat EVEN MORE GRAINS AND LEGUMES AND LESS MEAT, getting us even further away from our ancestral diets of meats, vegetables, fruits, roots and shoots, and nuts and seeds.


*heavy sigh*


I have sent them so many emails, signed so many petitions, posted so many comments on social media and news media…I guess they’re just not paying much attention to those of us in the industry who are proponents of ancestral diets. I know I’m not the only one! Remember my post from last year about the foodie doctors and practitioners in Canada who petitioned Health Canada to change the food guide? I think they only read half the letter, then got bored…ugh…

I am learning so so much in this AIP Coach Certification course, my brain is so full! But the more I learn from the class, the more annoyed I get at the proposed changes to the Food Guide. Not only are we going to continue as a nation to get fat and sick, but we’re going to be getting even more nutrient deficient, because we’ll be eating even more anti-nutrients, if everyone sticks to the suggestion of eating plant based protein instead of meat.

Well…more meat for me anyway, if everyone else is eating tofu LOL!

What do you think of the new food guide suggestions? Will you be replacing your weekly steak with a heapin’ helpin’ of edamame and quinoa? Post in the comments below.

Are you thoroughly confused by these new guidelines? Or the *old* guidelines? Have you been following the Food Guide, but still getting sick and fat and can’t figure out why? Click the “Contact” link above and let’s set up an appointment for a no charge one-on-one. I offer several different services that we could talk about. Anything from a 2 hour customized workshop in your home, to a 5 day introductory coaching program, right up to a full 6 month program. Whether you have an autoimmune disease, or other chronic disease, or you just don’t feel like you have the energy you used to have and you want to get it back. I can help.

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