Ta Da!

Yep, I did it! I passed the exam, and got my AIP certified coach logo! Fancy eh? I'm pretty excited about it.

Whether you have an autoimmune disease, or other chronic disease like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, type 2 diabetes, the paleo Autoimmune protocol lifestyle can most certainly help! Remember, the elimination phase is temporary! It's not forever! So it's really not as scary as it may sound.

What is the AIP elimination phase all about you ask? Well, we eliminate the "usual suspects" foods that are scientifically known to cause damage to the gut, which in turn damages our health. If you have genetic susceptibility to autoimmune disease, a leaky gut could lead to developing full blown autoimmunity. Even without genetic susceptibility to AI, a leaky gut is causing you ill health. Everything from chronic pain, to allergies and asthma, to slow metabolism and more. We eliminate all grains, all legumes, all nuts and seeds (including chocolate, coffee, and spices made from nuts and seeds), eggs, nightshades, and all dairy products. At the same time, we add in lots of health promoting foods, and gut healing foods, like colourful vegetables, organ meats, fish, fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombucha, and fruits. For a minimum of 30 days, (some people go longer, depending on health goals) we'll eliminate the foods we know are causing harm, and then after the elimination phase, we start to re-introduce foods, one-by-one, to find out what specific foods are causing You harm. Everyone has different food intolerances. Some people find they may never be able to eat white potatoes again, but quite easily can eat rice on a regular basis. Some people find they cannot tolerate tomatoes, but peppers are ok (both are nightshades).

It's not just about food though. Sleep, movement, and lifestyle are vitally important components to a healthy and happy life. We'll take a look what's causing you undue stress, how much you exercise, how many hours of sleep you get every night, how long is your commute to work, stuff like that. 

Every person is different. Your diseases, or what led to your ill health are all different. By eliminating the usual suspects, and taking a look at your whole picture, we'll work together to get you feeling better, and back on track to a healthy and happy long life. 

Make an appointment today for your free health history consult, and learn how my coaching program will help you get back on track to health! 



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