How many balls can I juggle?

Holy jumpin’! I’ve got a lot of things on all the burners these days, it’s difficult to keep up with them all and more and more opportunities and projects keep coming my way, it’s amazing, AND it’s exhausting! LOL! Of course, there’s a pot of turkey bone broth on the burner as well!

Some of the projects I can tell you about, some I can’t because they are joint ventures and have to be finalized and legalized and stuff…but it’s ALL very exciting!

So, some of the stuff that is just mine that I can tell you about is I’m working on a series of workshops to be hosted (held at?) my friends’ over at Mind Body Soul Studios  in Scarborough. The schedule is yet to be determined, but will be during the winter months when you don’t want to be outside in the snow and slush anyway. I may work on a New Year Resolution nutrition workshop/fitness class series in conjunction with MBSS to help us all stay healthy over the winter. I just thought of that now! I guess I’ll have to talk to MBSS about that eh?  LOL! We all need the motivation to keep going over the winter, and it’s so much easier when we have friends to do it with. Also, MBSS’s grand opening event is coming up on October 21st, starting at 6:30pm. Come on over and check out the studio, meet the fitness and dance instructors, and ME the resident paleo health coach, learn some new dance moves with some of the dance instructors, and stay to dance the night away! The address is 4500 Sheppard Ave. E, Unit #36. Conveniently right on the 85 bus line, which is a 24 hour route. It’ll be a fun time for sure. I want to take ballroom dance lessons!

I have a webinar coming up on Wednesday October 25th at 7pm to 8pm on Zoom.  Just click that link and join me for an “Introduction to AIP”. We’ll talk about the history of autoimmune disease, and the history of the paleo diet, and the history of AIP. They’re all really short histories, so don’t be worried that we’ll be sitting there looking at PowerPoint slides all night long! ???? I promise, it’s all very interesting. This webinar is not just for folks with autoimmune disease, but AIP can also help anyone with chronic disease, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and more! If you or someone you know struggles with chronic disease, please join me! No obligation, it’s entirely no charge!

I’m also still plugging away at my book, when I get that chance. There’s just so many other things that need doing…like writing all these webinars and workshops and other projects I’m working on that I can’t talk about…I’ve uploaded an excerpt from chapter one of my book here on my website that you can download for a sneak peek. Let me know what you think.

Amongst all of this flurry of activity, I still have a full-time day job, plus need to take time out for “me”, otherwise I get stressed out and get a flare up of something, which will then set me back, unable to do much of anything. Just as anyone with autoimmune disease can attest, stress and overwork really doesn’t do us any good at all. For each of us, our first priority should be self care, yes, even if you have kids! Otherwise we’re no good to anyone. I’m heading into the busy season at work now too, I’m hoping that this year will be much different than last year and I won’t have to be working 7 days a week for 3 months. Fingers crossed!

I’m hoping to get out camping for a few days next month (yes! November!) if I can afford it (car rentals are expensive!). I was only able to get out for one night this summer, when I did my solo backpacking trip. I really need to get out to nature and re-charge. Sleeping on the ground, and having no electronics, or even electricity for a few days really does that for me! It’s even scientifically proven!

““After exposure to natural light, we found the timing of the circadian clock to be approximately two hours earlier and [sleep-promoting hormone] melatonin offset to occur more than 50 minutes prior to wake time, suggesting that if human circadian and sleep timing was in synchrony with the natural light-dark cycle, the circadian low point in brain arousal would move to before the end of the sleep episode, making it easier to awaken in the morning,” the researchers found.” See more of the article at IFL 

Here's a hint…one of the projects I’m collaborating on has something to do with getting out in nature :o sssshhhhhh! You didn’t hear that from me! I said nothing!

So many exciting things going on!

Of course, camping in November in Ontario means not many hours of natural light at all, the sun goes down about 7pm and is up at around 7am, give or take, but I love sitting by a nice campfire no matter what the weather is…well….rain is a bit of a drag, but it’s still better than sitting in an office! And I get lots of really good sleep! I snuggle into my sleeping bag, and Kreacher curls up next to me, and we’re like bugs in the rug til sun-up. Or until somebody has to pee, whichever comes first. LOL!

As always folks, comment below, or send me an email if you feel like it! My email address is If you’re interested in learning some more about my coaching programs, or you’d like to have a free one hour health consult, or if you and a few friends would like to get together for the New Year and have your own Resolution Group, I would be more than happy to put a program together for you, just let me know your goals! Live and in person, or virtually on Zoom! Both are effective! I have participated in a few group coaching programs over the internet and found them to be very helpful. Can you believe I’m talking about the new year already? Holy crap, we haven’t even made it through Halloween yet, WTF am I doing planning so far in advance? This is so unlike me! But I know people who area already done their holiday shopping and doing countdowns on their Facebook pages, so I’m not so bad I think! It’s good to have plans, and it’s good to have goals. Plus, with all the burners I’ve got on at the moment, I have to write things down and tell people about them otherwise I will forget! So, someone remind me periodically that I had all these wonderful ideas ok! ????


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