11 Days In...

How is 2018 going so far?

I spent the first week this month moderating the Facebook group for the Autoimmune Healing Intensive and had a lot of fun getting the party started there! We're all still getting to know each other, so if you decide to join us a little late, don't be shy, just jump right on in!


There are so many really great contributions to the program. As a collaborator, and a moderator, I've been able to participate and follow along with the participants, and I've learned a few things myself, and I know I'll learn quite a lot more before the program is over! It's still available to purchase if you're interested, and you will have access to the materials and the Facebook group past the end of January, but sales will end soon, so get in while the getting is good! 


My own contribution is a 25 minute video, with a run-sheet with information on how getting outside and into natural spaces (as opposed to an urban jungle) can help you to modulate your immune system, and help the healing process of not just autoimmune disease, but pretty much any illness! Just looking at a natural space outside of a window can help you to heal faster than if you were looking out over a parking lot, or a brick wall. I've stayed in hospital rooms that overlook parking lots, and brick walls. They're no fun. I think they should paint a scene or hang a poster over the window instead!

You can watch my video here, it's hiding over on YouTube. Once the program closes, I'll make it public, but for now I can release it to blog readers. All 2 of you. Or maybe I'm up to 3 readers now. <insert winky emoji here> Let me know in the comments if you enjoy the video, and if you plan on using any of the tips to get outside and go for a walk in the woods more this year.


This weekend I will be presenting some family nutrition information, and joining in the Mind Body Souls Studios Open House on Saturday the 13th. Doors open at 6pm. I'll have some healthy healing snacks to sample, and some tips for how to stay fit and nourished in the new year. I will also be having a free draw for a bag full of goodies for one lucky person to take home with them.


There will be some sample fitness and dance classes you can join in, and a salsa and bachata dance social starting at 8:30. I hope to see some of you there. I know the weather forecast isn't looking too pleasant, but if you can brave the snow, come dance with us and have some fun. I'm looking forward to learning some new moves!

So far, 2018 is looking pretty good!





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