Client Testimonials
Kim, Ajax, ON: When I started the program, I was feeling very shut down.  I was feeling very lost and disconnected from myself and the world.  Rebecca's approach enabled me to open up and reconnect with myself.  Her questions, feedback, and recommendations were always on-point with my current experience and challenges.  Regularly scheduled visits got me back in the habit of setting aside 'me time', something I had wanted to do but hadn't been able to manage or prioritize. I found through the course of the program and from following her suggestions, including reading material, writing assignments, and meditations, that I was able to reconnect with feelings and experiences.  Along the way, Rebecca provided the positive reinforcement, encouragement, and validation that I required.  When I started the program, I felt unable to be expressive, or to envision a future for myself or what I wanted past getting through the next 24 hours. Now, though there is still work to do, I feel I have support to plan again into the future, listen to my intuition and my body, and permission to feel and express again.  I recommend her program to anyone looking for customized, personal, and holistic support.
Vanessa, King City, ON: Coach Reba is inspirational; motivational; informative; and fun loving. I would recommend Reba as a motivation and inspiration to help with bad days; and for that one-on-one support that is essential when changing eating habits. I really enjoyed her program, diet, recipes and overall support during the Five Day Diet Detox. Before the Detox, I was feeling yucky and bloated and just gross and needed that one-on-one support to keep me going. Thanks again Reba, I really enjoyed and was happy to be part of this!
Corinne, Madoc, ON: Coach Reba is informative, fun loving, thorough, thoughtful  and on top of keeping me motivated. I hope she continues as a Health Coach to help people with diet and information regarding healthy food choices to suit their needs. I really enjoyed how she introduced her program, diet, recipes and overall support during the Five Day After Holidays Detox Diet.

Sandra, Toronto, ON:
The shepherd's pie recipe in the 5-Day Diet Detox is the BEST I've ever had! And I lost 1 and a half pounds in just 5 days!
Workshop Attendees:
Chelly, Whitby, ON: Your workshop last night was awesome! Such a bounty of info you are! Reba's knowledge is great especially if you have any auto-immune disorders. Thanks Reba for the questions I needed answered.
Sharon, Toronto, ON: Hey Rebecca, thanks for the awesome girls' night in on Saturday. I'm loving the lip balm and hand cream already, and the resources you included in your talk. I look forward to more! Peace, Sharon

Auum Omegas
Marilyn, Toronto, ON: I just did a quarter teaspoon today (first day) and it seemed like I had more energy already. I'm going to try a half teaspoon tomorrow. The flavor will take a bit of being used to. It definitely tastes wild in comparison to fish oil. Thanks for introducing me to it!